After a long day of swimming, pre-teen mermaid-human Melody decided to lay down on a rock and watch the sunset.

MELODY: Phew, man, I need some rest...

Melody then proceeded to swim to the nearest rock, lie down flat, and lazily watch the sunset.

MELODY: Ahhhhh...It may be a rock, but it sure is comfy. W-wow...the sunset...looks...very..p-pretty...

And just like that, Melody then fell asleep as the sun slowly went down. But not for long! Meanwhile, Max was trotting across the beach and having some fun. But all of the sudden, a scent caught Max's nose: One that would belong to a mermaid. Max proceeded to charge right over to the scent, loudly barking.

Finally, Max had made it to the source of the scent, which was Melody, who was sleeping like a baby. Max wanted to play with her, so he decided to give her a wake up call. To start off, Max panted right in Melody's sleeping face, with his warm breath immediately waking her up.

MELODY: Huh...? What is that...? Max...?

As Melody slowly opened her eyes, she found herself face to face with Max. Seeing that she was finally awake, he gave her a big, slobbery lick all over her face to wake her up a bit more.

MELODY: Hehehehehehehehehe! Hey there, Max! Didn't expect you here!

Melody then reached her arm out and began petting the top of Max's shaggy head. Max then gave Melody's hand a big lick, which went up to her arm.

MELODY: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Man, you really love my skin, don't you, boy?

Of course he did! And to confirm this, Max dragged his huge tongue up her skin, particularly her arms and face, then proceeded to lick his canine lips in pleasure.

MELODY: Hahahahahahaha! I always knew you did, you silly doggie!

Melody leaned in closer to Max, eyes narrowed and sparkling with mischief as she grinned.

MELODY: I've been swimming in the sea, so it's nice and wet and salty, just the way you like it!

And to give her the same experience of swimming in the sea, Max gave a series of large, slurping licks all over her body, leaving her drenched in wetness once again.

MELODY: Tehahahahahahahahahahahaha! This may get me wetter than swimming! Especially with a tongue like yours!

Max then gave several licks to Melody's cheek, giving more of the "swimming" treatment.

MELODY: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Man, your kisses are the best, Max!

Max let out a thank you bark and proceeded to then begin slowly going down her body to lick her, this time to her bare arms and naval.

MELODY: Ohohohohohohoho goodness, that tickles! Hahahaha!

After a few more licks across her shoulders, Max turned his attention to her bare feet.

MELODY: Hehehe! Silly dog! Don't you dare try to lick those!

But Max was in a daring mood, and had already begun lapping up her beautiful mermaid feet.


These feet tasted so good! It reminded Max of the time when he and Ariel reunited (where he had slurped Ariel's new feet). And so, Max continued licking Melody's feet, accelerating his tongue and packing his licks with more slobber.


Max's tongue was still busily working away at her little feet, covering the entirely in his wet love.


But, Max was too infatuated with Melody's great tasting feet, and only kept licking them.


Max then stopped once he noticed that Melody was running out of breath, so he withdrew his large tongue from her tiny feet, leaving her to catch her breath from all the laughter.

MELODY: *breathing heavily* Man, boy, you don't mess around when it comes to giving kisses!

Max decided to prove this statement by giving one of her cheeks a huge, slobbery, friendly lick all the way up it, causing Melody's head to be knocked back!

MELODY: Hahahahahahahahahaha! Was I right!

Of course she was, and Max nodded in agreement. From there, he proceeded to further cover Melody's body in loving slobber and by so, giving several love filled licks to her face.

MELODY: Tehahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Cuhuhuhut that out!

Max ignored Melody's request, and kept licking her from head to toe.

MELODY: Ahahahahahahahaha!!! Ok, ok!. I love you too!

and then, Melody threw her arms around Max's shaggy neck and gave him a big hug. Max, of course, gave his own show of affection by giving Melody a big lick to her pretty face.

MELODY: Tehehehehe! Thanks! hey, you wanna watch the sunset with me, boy?

Max barked in affirmative and gave Melody's face annother big lick.

MELODY: Hahahaha, glad you could agree.

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