The plan had been going so smoothly. Alexis Luthor had located and infiltrated Superman's Fortress of Solitude, and hidden there until its owner was away. Now she was alone and had access to all of the great Kryptonian superhero's secrets that she could utilize in her own villainous schemes in the future.

"This'll come in handy...hehehehe..."

Unfortunately, Alexis had miscalculated. She wasn't alone there, after all. As it turns out, she was locked in there with Krypto, a large Kryptonian super dog who knew a Luthor when he smelled one, and this one had a particularly mischievous scent. Growling and bearing his large teeth, Krypto barked at Alexis, who gasped in surprise and horror when she saw him standing there.

"Oh, crap!" Alexis cried as she turned to flee, "No, no, NO!"

But there was to be no chase at all, as Krypto's super-speed meant that he was on top of Alexis and pinning her to the ground before she had even made it an inch. Seeing Krypto's snarling face above her's made the teenage supervillainess scream with fear before bracing herself for the worst.

Sniff sniff sniff!

"Huh?" Alexis opened an eye to see that Krypto was curiously sniffing her over. At close range, the redhead's scent was stronger, and Krypto found that it wasn't actually too was kind of nice, really! Soon a grin formed on the white canine's face and his tongue flopped out of his mouth as he began to pant.

"Wait, what are you-?" was all that Alexis could get out before Krypto suddenly slurped his tongue across her pretty freckled face.

"Yeeeech!" Alexis whined, krinkling her nose at the slobbery sensation, while Krypto's panting increased and his tail began to wag. The fact that this girl was a Luthor didn't matter to him anymore, she smelled and tasted great! And besides, she was just a teenager, so Krypto decided he ought to not scare her, and be nice and friendly to her instead.

He demonstrated this further by giving Alexis another lick, this time on her right cheek. At this point, the girl's scowl twisted into a smile and she began giggling, which turned to full-on laughter when Krypto gave her left cheek a lick too. She threw her arms around the dog's neck and cooed "Aww, thanks for giving me a chance, Super Mutt!"

Krypto's response was a bark and then another lick across Alexis' whole face. Krypto's next big slurp pushed Alexis back suddenly. "Even your tongue is super-strong" she observed. She then giggled some more, clearly getting to like Krypto.

"You know, boy, you're not that bad! I guess I don't mind if you keep licking me..."

Nodding his head in response, Krypto then licked Alexis underneath her chin, tilting her whole head back as it slurped off in a spray of drool. "That tongue of yours is also super-slobbery!" Alexis laughed as she wiped her face. Krypto then sought to demonstrate his incredible speed and started licking Alexis's right cheek so fast his tongue became a blur.

"Aaahahahahaha! N-nohohohohohohohohohohohoooo!" Alexis laughed.

Krypto then demonstrated his super speed even more, now extending his licking range from her naval to her forehead.

"Ohohohohohohohohohohohoho! Wohohohow!" Alexis said in amazement.

Even though Krypto was already getting a bunch of Alexis's delectable taste, he still wanted more! So, he tackled Alexis down on the smooth flooring and began licking her twice as intensely, with slobber flying everywhere like a geyser.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Alexis was in tears at this point, laughing her head off.

Krypto's tongue lapped up the salty tears on Alexis' cheeks, then it slid across her nose and to her forehead repeatedly. Alexis raised her hands in front of her face, which only led to the dog licking them. But Krypto then went back to Alexis's cheeks, his super-strong tongue slapping against her cheek and rolling it up hugely enough that it covered half her face, even with Krypto licking her as gently as possible.

Krypto then hit Alexis's other cheek in the same way, and the girl could only squeal and kick under the dog as he swung his tongue back and forth, hitting her cheeks back and forth and spraying drool everywhere.  After he was done, Alexis had slobber running all the way down to the top of her chest, and she was laughing breathlessly while Krypto just grinned at her, panting rather loudly. 

"Wow, boy, it looks like you don't mess around with your affection!" 

No he didn't, and tackled her back onto the ground once more, ready to give more of his affection. For his next trick, Krypto licked Alexis's right cheek, then quickly moved to her left side and licked her left cheek. He alternated left and right for several seconds until her entire upper body was covered in super-drool. 

"HEEHEEHAHAAHAHEE! My family may traditionally not care for super-heroes, but I like you!"

Krypto licked up the center of her face to say he liked her too. 

"Hmm, maybe I should invade this fortress more often. Then we could see each other more!" she suggested. 

Krypto smiled, nodded, and barked to confirm his approval, then gave Alexis yet another round of lightning fast licks as she laughed. 


Krypto imagined it did, and soon began doing this to her naval area, which had become exposed to her tossing and turning. 


Not for Krypto! So, he just continued slurping up that area, and eventually her legs, his tongue being strong enough to tickle her even through the fabric of her pants! 


Krypto refused to stop, as this girl was super tasty! And so he returned to licking her flushed, freckled face. Alexis continued to laugh, though her laughter died down as she became more accustomed to the licking.

"Heheheh...That was, interesting...I kind of liked it, though..."

This was enough for Krypto to start slobbering on Alexis again, this time returning to her face, his massive tongue covering nearly all of it. This caused Alexis to let out muffled laughter underneath Krypto's mighty tongue.

"Mmph! Mmmphmmphmpmhpmhmpmhpmhpmh!"

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