Anabel, the young tomboyish Frontier Brain of the Battle Tower, yelped and flailed as she ran as fast as her scrawny legs could carry her. Right behind her in hot pursuit was a Mightyena, whom had come out of nowhere while Anabel was taking a walk through the woods. Not knowing what he would do to her, Anabel had elected to flee, which resulted in the comically frantic chase she had to endure now.

MIGHTYENA: Yena! Yena!

Mightyena's tongue was hanging out of his mouth, still eager to show Anabel some affection!

ANABEL: N-nice Mightyena! Nice doggie! G-go away now!

But Mightyena only kept chasing her, with his tongue flopping out of his mouth. Eventually, Anabel tripped over a rock and fell. Mightyena had finally caught up to her, panting in excitement. Anabel didn't take this so well, as she tried to back up from Mightyena in fear.

ANABEL: Oh no! Please don't hurt me!

But Mightyena didn't intend on hurting her, as he only bent down and gave a slobbery lick to her cheek.

ANABEL: Wait? What!? You're not gonna hurt me!?

To her surprise, the Mightyena was actually friendly and only wanted to play with her, not intending to do harm to her. So, Mightyena then treated her with a few more friendly licks to her cheek.

ANABEL: Hehehe...I'm glad you're friendly. That's why you were chasing me around...

Mightyena gave a bark in response, and delivered another round of friendly licks to her face.

ANABEL: Tehahahahaha! Thanks, boy!

Mightyena then sat down and panted happily. As Anabel was wiping off the slobber from her face, she stood back up and leaned down to Mightyena's eye level, and proceeded to pet his head.

ANABEL: You like Frontier Brain girls, huh? Do ya, boy?

Indeed he did, especially her, and gave a vigorous nod in response, with his tongue hanging out.

ANABEL: Hehehe! Well, you can have all of me if you want!

Mightyena was as happy as he could be from that news, and so he tackled Anabel to the ground and began slurping her face once more.

ANABEL: Hahahahahahahaha! OK, OK, calm down!

But Mightyena wasn't gonna back down any time soon, and only intensified his licking, with slobber flying everywhere!

ANABEL: Ohohohohohohoho my! Hahahahahahahaha!

After a bit of this, Mightyena soon noticed Anabel's delicate looking feet, which were bare as her shoes had flown off of them when she tripped and fell. And once he did, he began panting like crazy. Anabel got slightly nervous from the way Mightyena was acting.

ANABEL: H-hey, boy...What's wrong? You're acting a little weird...

Mightyena then pointed one of his paws to her feet, and continued to pant. Anabel was certain as to what Mightyena wanted to do.

ANABEL: Woah! Wait a minute! Don't lick those! Those are extremely ticklish!

But it was too late, Mightyena then proceeded to drag his big tongue up each of her soles repeatedly, leaving trails of slobber in their wake. This of course, got Anabel to erupt in laughter.


This Mightyena was already enticed by Anabel's taste, so he wasn't planning on stopping! So, Mightyena continue to drag his tongue quickly up and down Anabel's soles, coating them in his slobber.


Anabel's attempt to stop Mightyena failed again, as Mightyena continued to lap up her delicious soles, leaving a large puddle of slobber around them along with slurping noises. He then placed a paw on her ankles to restrain her feet, and slurped between her wiggling toes.


But Mightyena didn't feel like stopping, as he only intensified his licks, making them rougher and more slobbery.


And finally, after over an hour of Mightyena licking up her soles and toes, he hopped off and panted happily. This left Anabel to catch her breath.

ANABEL: Phew...that was intense...

But Mightyena wasn't finished, and so he proceeded to hop onto Anabel and lick her face like mad.

ANABEL: Hehahahahahahahahahahaha! You little rahahahascal!

Mightyena then moved his tongue down to her slightly exposed chest, slurping that up as well.

ANABEL: Tehahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! That tickles! Cuhuhut that out!

Mightyena ignored Anabel, and intensified his licking on her chest.

ANABEL: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Stop that! I mean it!

Mightyena still didn't listen however, and just continued slurping her chest up.

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