Asuka Casual
Head held high and proud, Asuka Langley Soryu, the spicy German-American teenager, sauntered into the kennel room of Max, Prince Eric's big fluffy sheepdog who she'd befriended at a pool party. She was wearing nothing but a very small T-shirt and extremely short shorts, exposing most of her skin. Sticking her fingers in her mouth, Asuka let out the loudest whistle she could, stamping her bare foot hard on the ground as she did.

ASUKA: Max! Hier, jungen!

Just then, she saw the biggest sheepdog possible running towards her happily, a wet tongue flopping out of his mouth.

ASUKA: Hey there, mutt!  Did you miss your's truly? (Winks)

As soon as he pounced on her, she got her answer, as he started slobbering all over her pretty face.

ASUKA: Pahahahahahaha!  Mein Goht!

Max had gotten a full glimpse of her by now, and he panted happily as he stared at her outfit.

ASUKA: Heh, yeah, I've gone casual today! Wearing a bunch of clothes would be pointless here, am I right?

Max agreed entirely, particularly as he sniffed in Asuka's scent, which was especially strong thanks to the amount of skin she was showing. It smelled so good that he couldn't help but give her another round of licking!

ASUKA: E-easy, boy, easy there!

Max was now licking her neck and shoulders, his thick tongue swiping across them over and over again, making her laugh hysterically.

ASUKA: Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaaa!

Max now started to slurp around her midriff, making her wiggle around in hysterics.


Max then went down her long, sexy legs, causing them to jerk and twitch as Asuka continued to laugh.


The playful sheepdog then began slurping at the soles of her tasty bare feet.


Panting, Max made sure to give each and every toe a lick, which made her crack up even more.


Max stopped and decided to let her take a breather.  Asuka reached up and patted Max as she recovered.

ASUKA: Mein Goht, Max! You really go all out with your affection, don'cha?  Good boy!

Asuka starts scratching Max behind his ears fondly. This made the big sheepdog pant and wag his tail.

ASUKA: Oh, you like that, huh?

The redhead sped up the process, scritching and scratching even faster. This was enough to get Max to pounce on her and slobber all over her face again with several mighty licks. Asuka laughed heartily and tried to shield herself with her arms, but this proved futile.

ASUKA: Hahahaha! You're such a funny mutt! In a good way!

Max joyfully licked Asuka from her chin to the hair over her forehead.

ASUKA: Hahaheeheehee! OK, OK, boy! Ease up, will ya?

But Max just began licking her even more, all over her delicious pale skin, which was soon streamed with slobber.

ASUKA: Oh man, I'm gonna end up smelling like dog! Hahahahahahaha!

Soon enough, time flew by, and it was time for Asuka to go. She waved as she did.

ASUKA: Bye bye, Max! I'll catch ya later! Auf wiedersehen!

MAX: Woof!

Max jumped up and licked Asuka's waving hand, making her laugh once more.