Asuka Langley Soryu was visiting a large beach resort hotel and was currently using the shower. As she scrubbed soap all over her body and shampoo in her beautiful red hair, she began to whistle a jaunty tune.

Outside in the hallway, Max was trotting along when he heard the whistling. He sniffed the air in response, and the scent that entered his nose got him panting excitedly: he recognized it as the smell of Asuka! And the smell was so strong that it could only mean she was wearing little to no clothing! At once, Max bounded toward her room.

Asuka, putting on a slip of a dress that barely went down to her waist and wrapping a towel around herself, opened the door to exit the shower room...and was taken aback when a gigantic, slobber-covered pink tongue shot at her, pressing against her cheek and slowly sliding up it.

ASUKA: W-Was zur Hölle!?

She looked down to see her giant doggie friend panting at her happily.

ASUKA: Max! Hahaha! What are you doing here?

She was answered by the dog placing his paws on her shoulders, pinning her to the ground and licking her face. Asuka scrunched up her face and grinned as she felt the wet tongue swipe from the bottom of her chin to the top of her hair over and over again.

ASUKA: Pahahahahahaha! I see, you wanted another taste of German-American skin, huh?

She was answered with yet another sloppy kiss from Max, straight across her cheek.

ASUKA: Heheh! I bet it's even better now that I'm all wet from my shower! (Winks)

She was correct as Max now seemed to be licking faster than he did before.  Asuka giggled and half-heartedly thrust her arms up in front of her face as if to shield it. However, Max just licked his way through, slobbering all over her arms.

ASUKA: Heeheeheehahahaha! There's just no stopping you, it seems!

Max's drooling tongue presses even harder against the tsundere's cheek and lifts the skin on it up even more, a loud "slllllllllllurp!" being made as saliva flies in every direction. This gets Asuka laughing up a storm.

ASUKA: Bahahahahahahaha!  Oh, man! It tickles so much!

Soon Max was slurping away at her bare shoulders, occasionally stopping to lick his lips at the wonderful tsundere taste in his mouth.

ASUKA: Hahahahahahahahahahaha! You're such a good boy, Max!

This made Max bark happily before giving Asuka a big lick on her midriff.


Max continued his licking frenzy, licking every drop of water he could off of Asuka's skin and drenching it in slobber instead.


But Max turned to Asuka's bare feet, sniffing them before slurping them eagerly.


Max looked at Asuka's wiggling toes in delight and gave each of them a wet kiss.


MAX: Woof woof!

The slobbery tongue swept across her legs, from heel to thigh to ankle to knee. Eventually, Max stopped, allowing Asuka to take a breather.

ASUKA: Mein God, you are TOO affectionate! But that's what makes you awesome!

The redhead flashes the peace sign, prompting Max to give her cheek another slobbery lick, which in turn prompted Asuka to go into another laughing fit. She grinned as Max's tongue engulfed her face repeatedly.

ASUKA: Hahahahahahaha! I love ya, Max!

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