The Gym Leader of Cerulean City had gone for a walk in Viridian Forest for some fresh air. However, the place was infested with millions upon millions of bug Pokemon, which she has an EXTREME fear of. And every time she tried escaping, she kept tripping and falling over. Now she was covered in dirt, and barefoot, as her shoes had flown off during her last fall. And now, she just wanted to go home, have a long hot bath, go to sleep, and forget that this day ever happened. But she didn't expect it do be much more than that, however.

Meanwhile, Max was lumbering around Viridian Forest, on a walk of his own. As he was enjoying his walk, Max came to a halt, as his nose caught a certain scent. It smelled like Misty, but mixed with dirt. Either way, this got Max excited. Panting heavily Max bolted towards the source, hoping it was actually Misty.

Back to Misty, who was still shaking from what had just happened, was still trying to return home, walking down a path. But all of the sudden, she could hear rustling in the bushes. Misty was frozen in fear, thinking it was another Bug-type Pokemon.

MISTY: I-Is...that...a b-bug?

As her fear was growing, however, so was her curiosity. So, she walked over to the bushes to see what it was. What she saw was something large and black, accompanied by a large, long pink object under it that appeared to have something dripping off of it. Misty tried to reach out and feel it.

MISTY: What is that...?

And before she could even finish her sentence, a large, grey and white blur jumped out onto Misty and began slurping her cheek. Misty's cheek rolled up as the big tongue slid up her face, pushing her eye shut as her head was tilted to the side. Misty was so glad to see Max after such a day like this and not a bug. She then wrapped her arms around her furry friend.

MISTY: Oh! Hehehehehehehe! Hi there, Max!

Max let out a loud bark in reply, and continued his slobbery assault on her opposite cheek.

MISTY: OK, OK, I love you too! Just calm down!

Max then hopped off of Misty, and sat down panting in front of her. She sat up, and as she wiped the slobber from her face, she couldn't help but giggle at the big sheepdog's adorable charm. Seeing him really brightened her up, considering the day she had to go through! Max tilted his head to the side, sniffing curiously at Misty's dirty, barefoot body in puzzlement.

MISTY: I had a couple encounters with one of the things I absolutely can't stand...BUGS!

The redhead shivered and shook at the thought of those creepy-crawler Bug-types she oh so feared. Max whimpered in sympathy for her, walking closer and pawing at her, his tail wagging slightly as he let a small doggy smile, letting his big tongue flop out of his mouth as an invitation.

MISTY: Hey, boy. What are you doing?

In answer Max gave a loud bark and charged at Misty, tackling her onto her back. The ginger Gym Leader only had time to yelp before Max's big tongue slapped against her cheek, trailing drool as Max's tongue lifted Misty's cheek up and pushed her eye shut. This got her into a serious fit of the giggles. Wagging his tail happily, Max repeated the process on Misty's other cheek, then began alternating from one to the other.. She didn't even bother trying to stop him, because he was so big, she doubted she could even budge him. So she just laid there, giggling uncontrollably.

MISTY: Hehehehehehehehe! Get off of me, ya big ol' mutt!

But Max couldn't, as he was too busy savoring Misty's flavor. After he finally got off (about an hour later), Misty was still in a fit of giggles.

MISTY: Hehehehehe! That felt amazing, Max! I needed that after a long day like this one!

Max let out a bark in agreement, and sat down panting up a storm. Then he gave another swiping lick to her cheek once more.

MISTY: Hahaha! Good boy! Hey! I have an idea! How about you and me go to the hot springs? It'll be so much fun! And I love water!

This sounded like a great idea to Max, as he loved water just as much as Misty. So, the two of them headed to the hot springs, took a dip in the soothing, warm water, and relaxed together.

MISTY: *sighs happily* Oh, yeah! That hits the spot!

Max let out a booming bark in agreement. She starts to float on her back as she wiggles her toes. This wiggling drew Max's attention to her cute little feet. Max stared at them intently, causing him to pant up a storm.

MISTY: Hehehe! You havin' fun, boy?

And, in a quick burst, Max swam over quickly to her feet and began slurping her soles, the great force of his tongue lifting them up.

MISTY: Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Heheheheheel, boy, Heel!

He couldn't, and only kept lapping up her soft soles, delivering bigger and bigger licks to them.


She thrashed around in the water when Max started on her toes, giving them through licks whilst covering them in slobber in the process.


Max kept on licking Misty's soles furiously as if they were two lollipops, with most of the water in the hot springs becoming Max's slobber.


But Max refused to stop, and only intensified his licking, rubbing his tongue all over Misty's feet as if it were a paint brush, and his friends's feet were the canvas.


After around an hour of this treatment, Max withdrew his tongue and backed off, panting heavily. It was at this point, a quarter of the spring was now slobber!

MISTY: Hehahahahahaha! Woah, boy! That was intense!

She then reached her hand out and dunk it into the water, discovering that the water had been infused with Max's slobber.

MISTY: Wow! Your slobber mixed into the water! But that's OK. In fact, I love it!

Max then let out a bark and swam towards Misty quickly, pinning her to a rock at the edge of the spring. He began panting right in Misty's face.

MISTY: Woah there, boy! What is it?

Max proceeded to give her face a round of licks, with his wet love splattering all around the rock she was pressed up against it.

MISTY: Hahahahahahahahahaha! Good dog, Mahahahaxy! Juhuhust take it eahahasy!

But, Max couldn't take it easy. Misty had said it herself, she had a long day. Max knew his company was just what she needed, so he kept up his slobbery assault to her face, each lick lifting her cheeks up and making them bounce.

MISTY: Awe! Hahahaha!! Thanks, boy. C'mere!

She then threw her arms around Max in a huge hug. She was so pleased that Max was always willing to brighten up her day that she ruffled his fur fondly. And Max was pleased he could do so, and gave her a round of licks to her face.

MISTY: Hahahahahahaha! awe, Max, I love you too.

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