• Twelik

    Second half of an intro to a series of stories collaborated on with Fleetmaster022


    Part 2:

    In which Naruto starts a new life

    An unknown period of time had passed since Yuffie and Einstein had gone to Konoha to play around with Naruto Uzumaki, though it was likely a few hours..

    After Einstein had licked the blonde kid into unconciousness, Yuffie naturally brought him with her to the Hokage Tower, albeit, while carrying him by his pants.

    The hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, was quite confused at her, especially since the old man wasn't able to sense any chakra from her whatsoever.

    After explaining where she came from who she was, as well as a couple demonstrations of her skills (such as stealing something from him under his nose, and a demo of her mart…

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  • Twelik

    First half of an intro to a series of stories collaborated on with Fleetmaster022


    Part 1:

    In which Yuffie meets Naruto

    Yuffie Kisaragi was smirking to herself, as she was carrying out a plan.

    It took some doing, but after getting the necessary ingredients to grind and mix into a powder, she used them to draw a circle on the floor, along with intricate patterns with kanji intertwined with them..

    She checked a scroll to see if she was doing the preparations for this unusual ritual correctly. After looking over the circle, she saw that she did indeed do it correctly. With preparations out of the way, she was ready.

    "Okay, here goes nothing.." She muttered to herself as she took out a yellow materia with greenish stripes and placed it on the circl…

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