Ariel, the fun-loving teenage mermaid princess of Atlantica, swam up to the surface of the ocean nearby the shore of Prince Eric's kingdom, emerging in one great burst of water. The pretty redhead drifted on over to a large rock in the middle of the ocean and climbed behind it, peeking out at the beach from over the edge of it. She breathlessly hoped that she'd see something interesting like a human....maybe even her beloved Eric himself!

But Eric wasn't on the beach today. However, his big friendly pet sheepdog, Max, was! Ariel smiled with happiness when she saw the animal trotting along the dunes, as she and him had quite the rapport together. A slobbery one. A mischievous look crossed her face, her blue eyes narrowing and her mouth twisting into a sly smirk. She began to whistle, first softly and then with more vigor, excitement etched onto her face as she did so. "Hehehe! I can't wait to have some fun...". Her whistling carried all the way over to the shore, where Max suddenly jerked his shaggy head toward the water when he heard the sound. He smiled in delight and began panting heavily when he saw Ariel on the rock.

"Max! Hey!" Ariel called, waving her arm in the air perkily, "Over here, boy! Hey!" Slobber began plopping down from Max's tongue as he panted louder and harder before he let out a booming bark of excitement. Without delay, he began bounding into the water and paddling toward Ariel with his big furry paws. Ariel was grinning from ear to ear as she saw the friendly mutt headed her way. "Time for some fun!" she said playfully, "Hope you're ready!"

Making it to the rock, Max instantly jumped up and barked right in Ariel's face before swinging his salivating tongue right onto her cheek, lifting it up in a great big slurp. Ariel clutched her now soaked cheek and laughed, favoring Max with a grin. "Nothing like a warm welcome from you, Max!" she said as Max returned the grin, tongue hanging out of his mouth and his tail wagging furiously.

"Was my whistling good?" Ariel inquired curiously "I've been practicing!" She gave another whistle to demonstrate, to which Max responded by planting his tongue on Ariel's face once more. Ariel broke into boisterous laughter as she was licked and then clenched both fists together in spunky enthusiasm. "That's right, lay it on me, boy!"

Max splatted his tongue against Ariel's cheek and slowly swept it upward, forcing the mermaid's eye closed as the skin of her cheek pressed against it. The tongue flew off Ariel's face with a loud slurping sound, saliva flying everywhere, before Max splatted it against her cheek again and repeated the process. Ariel's fingers wiggled and her tail flopped back and forth in reaction as Max licked her this way again and again. 

Then Max pressed his tongue against Ariel's chin and moved upward, soaking her lips, nose, forehead and bangs in wet dog slobber. Ariel opened her eyes and flashed Max the dorkiest grin possible before the dog gave a loud bark and jumped up at Ariel, his furry paws leaning on her shoulders as his slobbering tongue slurped away at both of her cheeks. Ariel giggled, slapping the rock hard with her hand as she did.

"Tehahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Good boy, Max!"

The giant sheepdog leaned even further on Ariel, knocking her flat on her back. Ariel gasped as Max swung his tongue down on her bare midriff, then howling with hysterical laughter as she felt it lick upward. Max was panting heavily as his grin widened, he just couldn't get enough of the mermaid's taste!  He licking up Ariel's arms and slurping his tongue on her bare shoulders, making her laugh even more. Sometimes when she turned toward him, his tongue flew from her shoulders to her face, enveloping it in a drooling embrace.

"Hahahahahahahaha! OK, OK, OK! Easy, boy, easy!"  Max backed off, allowing the redhead to catch her breath as she continued to laugh, her tail swishing back and forth in the air.

Once Max was sure Ariel had a chance to catch her breath, he pushed her back down with his front paws, making her fall back flat on her back. Totally pinning her, Max started again to wash the red-headed teenager's face, neck and hair. She was being licked so hard and with such force that she could hardly breathe.....her face totally soaked with Max's sloppy wet kisses.

"AHAHA! OK! OK! STOP MAX!" she gasped......but Max wasn't about to listen. If anything his licking of her face intensified. By this point all Ariel could see was a blur of a huge pink tongue slapping her face as hard and as quick as ever now, her eyes not able to focus anymore as she was so drenched in Max's drool. It was clear Max wasn't stopping anytime soon. Ariel's face began to get red from laughter and the force of Max's tongue. She began to daze in and out of consciousness as Max relentlessly kept licking her face all hard that every lick was forcing Ariel's head from side to side. There was nothing she could do now to stop him. She was too dazed and confused to get out any words and Max continued to lick her face for the next hour with so much force that by the time he stopped, Ariel was passed out....her face as red as a tomato and a wide grin on her face from the licking she had just endured.

Sometime after Max went back to Eric's castle, Ariel had woken up.

"Hehehehe...That felt nice! I think I'll do it again!"

And so, Ariel crawled back into the ocean to tell her sisters all about their little play date. She knew when Max would be let out into the beach, so she swam up to the surface when he would.

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