Max visits Lily
The three Sensational Sisters of Cerulean City: Daisy, Lily and Violet, were lying down in longue chairs getting massages. Their bare feet were exposed and being worked on.

LILY: Like, isn't this just the life, girls?

But before they could answer, a loud, booming bark was heard.

DAISY: Huh? Wha-?

LILY: What was that?!

VIOLET: Hmmm, sounds familiar, but I, like, can't place where...

The barking eventually gets louder, as they ponder more and more.

LILY: (Gasp!) Wait, isn't that...!

She is interuppted by the barking, as it reveals to be big friendly sheepdog Max, accompanied by their youngest sister, Misty. All three girls have wide smiles on their faces, remembering the last time they met the lovable sheepdog.

DAISY: Misty, you found Max again! All right!

LILY: Haha! Yeah, it's great to see him again.

MISTY: Heheheh, actually he kinda found me again! Isn't that right, boy?

Max responded with a big bark and a just as big lick to the cheek.

MISTY: Hahahaha!

LILY: Well, no matter!

VIOLET: It's, like, nice to see you again, boy!

Hearing this, Max jumped up against Violet's chair and gave her a big lick on the cheek.

VIOLET: Hahahaha! You, like, haven't changed at all!

DAISY: And, like, that's good!

Max licked Daisy's cheek as well, then trotted over and began sniffing Lily's bare feet.

LILY: Heehee! Like, take it easy, fella! That tickles!

This prompts Max to smile and slurp his tongue up Lily's bare soles.

LILY: Eeep! Hahahahahahahhaha! Now that REALLY tickles! Heeheehee!

Then Max went over to Violet to see how her feet tasted.

VIOLET: Tough to say, but, um this may be even better then, like, an actual massage!

LILY: Like, I think I can agree with you!

Happy to hear it, Max began licking Lily's feet faster than before!

LILY: (Wiggling her toes) Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Good boy, Max!

Max's tongue then slowed down, taking it's time moving up Lily's feet.


Violet was laughing at her sister's tickling, and Daisy suppressed a chuckle herself. Whirling his head toward them, Max ran over between Violet's left foot and Daisy's right one, going back and forth between licking them, getting the two oldest sisters laughing up storms.



LILY: (Breathing and laughing) See how you like it!

Max excitedly wagged his tail as he slurped at their ankles and knees, making their laughter grow even more.


MISTY: Gotta love that Cerulean flavor, huh Max? Hahaha!

Max responded with tackling the youngest Cerulean sister, tackling her to the floor and soaking her in slobber.

DAISY: Hahaha! It looks like he does! And I'm like, glad he does!

MISTY: Pahahahahahahahaha! M-Max! I love you, too! I bet you also enjoyed my sisters' feet, as well!

She was right, as Max proceeded to give her face a few more licks.

MISTY: Hahahahahahaha! Good to know!

The giant sheepdog was in absolute heaven right now! He loved each one of these four girls he got to play with today, but if he had to pick his favorite among them, Misty would definitely be his answer!

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