Pluto barked and huffed, panting hard as he chased after the small flying shape. The small flying shape in question was Rikku, a member of the Gullwings, a trio of naughty teenage fairies. Rikku had been caught stealing things from Pluto's kennel room, and now the dog was right on her tail as she frantically attempted to escape.

Rikku, a nervous sweat on her brow, flew high up atop a pole in the corner of the room. Pluto jumped up at the pole and began barking even louder than before. The perky fairy got a childishly defiant look on her face and she barked right back at Pluto in response, hoping that would dissuade him. But it didn't, and eventually the weight of Pluto's paws pushed the pole down!

The pole landed on the floor with a crash, knocking down a telephone in the process. Rikku slid across the floor until she bumped against the phone. "Owwwwwww!" the scantily-clad teen whined, rubbing her blonde head in pain until a shadow came over her. With a wide-eyed look of horror, Rikku gazed up to see Pluto looming above her, a triumphant look on his face. He had her cornered!

Rikku cringed as drool began to drip from the canine's jowls and then gave an alarmed squeak as Pluto leaned his head down and pressed his wet black nose against her tiny body, sniffing it quickly and noisily.  "Ooooh, whatever you're gonna do, just do it now, OK?" Rikku moaned. With a big smile on his face, Pluto immediately obliged, swinging his salivating tongue down and splatting it against Rikku. As he lifted his tongue upward, she went with it!  "WAH!" Rikku squealed as she was elevated, streams of drool trickling down Pluto's tongue and all over Rikku's body in the process. She flopped back on to the ground, in a layer of drool, cringing and wringing her hands as she whined "Yuuuuuuuuuuck! That's gross!"

Pluto chuckled to himself, to which Rikku responded by trying and failing to hold back a smile. When Pluto saw the smile form on her lips, he immediately licked her again, more slobber raining down on her in the process. Rikku cringed once again, but this time couldn't help but laugh a little. This dog was pretty much a miracle worker when it came to giving affectionate love to girls, good and evil alike.

When Pluto bent down and licked Rikku again, the fairy giggled and bent one leg behind the other one in reaction. "Heeheehahahahahahaha! Hey, that tickles! Cut it out!"

SSSSSSLUUUUURP! Pluto gave Rikku another wet lick, slobber sweeping across her hair, clothes and skin as the tongue flew off of her and retracted back into Pluto's mouth. Rikku clutched her ribs as she bent over in a fit of laughter. "All right, all right!" she said as she grinned mischievously, "If that's how you want it, you're gonna have to work for it some more!"

With that, the fairy darted away and Pluto gave chase, barking and panting as he pursued her around the room. Soon, he was able to shoot his tongue out and slurp Rikku right across her butt. "Yeeep!" she yelped, and crashed to the ground where she was engulfed in another great slurping lick from Pluto. Rikku was lifted off the floor, her cheek being lifted up along with her entire body as she was lifted off the ground by Pluto's tongue. Pluto licked her again, and again, each time lifting up her cheek to a ridiculous extent as Rikku was lifted off the ground. At the same time, despite the massive tongue spraying saliva all over her, Rikku couldn't help but laugh. "Oooohohohohahahahaha! You silly muhuhuhuhutt!"

After a while, Pluto stopped to lick his lips at Rikku's taste, his tongue loudly sliding across his lips and raining more drops of slobber down on the fairy prankster.

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