Mana Cheek
Mana entered the kennel, signed in, and made a beeline straight for Max's room. The spunky Egyptian teen had met the sheepdog before, but in her natural form. Now she was in her Dark Magician Girl form, with blonde hair, green eyes, pale skin, and an even skimpier outfit.  She was in the mood for some doggie love!

Walking into Max's room, Mana was immediately noticed by the dog, who was sniffing the air in her direction.

MANA: Hi, Max! Do you recognize me, boy? Do I smell familiar to you?

She waves and giggles playfully as she says this. Turns out Max DID recognize her, as her scent was exactly the same as before and he had sniffed it in right away. Jumping up, he slurped her cheek happily. Mana touched her cheek and laughed.

MANA: Hahahahahahaha! Looks like I do!

Max wagged his tail at his pretty friend as she knelt down to his level.

MANA: How do you like the new look?

He expressed how he felt by slobbering all over her face, his tongue slurping away at her cheeks in slow bursts of saliva.

MANA: Heheheheheeheehee! Shucks!

Max really enjoyed her taste, even if it was still the same.  So he began rapidly licking her broad, bare shoulders.

MANA: Heeheeheehahahahahaha! Oh, Max!

Having already noticed that her adorable new outfit bared her lovely legs, Max licked Mana's nicely shaped stems several times, leaving trails of drool as he did. Max noticed that Mana's knees were particularly ticklish.

MANA: Keeheeheehee! Like my legs?

The feeling of the dog's tongue tickled so much that Mana fell backward on the ground, flat on her back. Max then started slurping her midriff, which made her wiggle around as she laughed even louder. Max reached Mana's thin pink skirt a few times with his tongue as well, appreciating how its taste combined with that of Mana's skin.


Her laughter was music to this dog's ears, so he began licking even faster, and with even more slobber coming from his lolling tongue! At this point, Mana was in COMPLETE hysterics!


The Dark Magician Girl kicked her legs in the air so hard that her shoes went flying from her feet. This got Max all the more excited!  He slapped his tongue down on Mana's bare soles and started licking them joyfully.


Max panted heavily before giving each of Mana's wiggling toes a big slurp.


MAX: Woof woof!

Leaning his head back up to her face, Max gave Mana a big lick on her flushed cheek.

MANA: Good boy, Max! Heehee!

Max licked the girl's hands while letting her recover from her tickle-induced hysteria.

MANA: (Ruffling Max's fur) Who knows how to have a good time? You do! Yesyoudo!

This earned her another slobbery lick across her entire face, making her break out in more laughter. Max finished his show of affection for the day my putting his paws on Mana's shoulders and lovingly slurping away at her pretty face while she was pinned to the floor.

MANA: Hahahaha! It's never boring with you around, boy!