Teenage criminal friends Charmcaster and Domino had been invited to a swimming pool by Ariel, but had been instructed to come in their normal clothes, wearing their swimsuits underneath like underwear. Ariel had gotten the idea after meeting Charmcaster and hearing from her about Domino, whom she later found out Eric also knew. She was in her mermaid form when the silver-haired witch and blonde Team Rocket agent arrived.

"Hey there!" Ariel called out happily from the pool, waving at the other girls in excitement.

Domino looked Ariel over and then whispered to Charmcaster "Wow, She is hot!"

"Told you so!" Charmcaster chuckled.

Both girls got into the pool, still wearing their full outfits as requested. Domino crossed her arms and asked "All right, fish-girl...just what is this about, anyway? Why invite us here like this? Where even are we?"

At this, a very wide and very mischevious smirk crossed Ariel's face and she simply pointed behind the two girls. Domino and Charmcaster where then aware of loud panting, and hot breath blowing across the back of their necks.

Charmcaster gasped, and Domino remarked "Aw, no...It's that mutt again, isn't it?"

"Y-yep..." replied Charmcaster.

They turned around and sure enough, there was Max, grinning and panting at them. And then once they made eye contact with him, Max licked both their faces in succession, slobber flying everywhere.

"Aw, ewwwwwwww!" both of them whined.

Max was loving both of their combined tastes, and decided to repeat the same process again and again!

"Hehehehehehehe! Wow, girls, he really seems to like the both of you!"

"Gee, I can hardly tell..." Charmcaster replied, as her face was partially obscured by Max's massive tongue.

After awhile, Max decided Ariel should join in on the fun as well! So, he charged right at Ariel, jumped right in front of her, and gave her a big, slobbery kiss on the cheek.

"Hehehehe! Thanks a bunch, Max! What do you two think of him?" Ariel said, giggling.

Domino and Charmcaster couldn't help but smile, chuckling and reaching up to pat Max on the head fondly. "Aww, what a good doggie!" said the both of them as they scratched the dog's white fur.

Loving this affection, Max happily gave both girls big friendly kisses on the cheek!

"Hehehehehehehe! Y'know, I'm really getting to like your kisses, mutt!" said Domino affectionately, flashing a wink at the dog.

"Same here!" Charmcaster said.

Max felt so happy to be with these three tomboys. Out of sheer excitement, Max jumped up and gave a great big lick to all three of them! This of course, got all three of them to burst out in playful laughter.

"All right, all right, boy!" Ariel said as she drifted right up next to Max. "Give Domino and Charmcaster some space for a while, and you can show me some more love!"

Ariel nodded and winked at the other two, who understood what she was getting at and began to strip down to their bikinis. In the meantime, Ariel leaned in closer to Max's panting face, anticipating another lick.

"Hehehe! I'm ready boy!" she announced. And just like that, Max gave her entire face a sloppy lick, which left a big splash of slobber all over her face!

"Hahahahahahahaha! Thanks, Max!" said Ariel, giggling. Max then looked over at the other girls with a grin.

"We're getting the same next, aren't we?" asked the two other girls, who were now in their bathing suits. As if to answer their question, Max began to pant at them, then lunged and knocked them flat on their backs. His dripping wet tongue began licking every inch of girl flesh that it could reach, making Domino and Charmcaster shriek with laughter, twisting around on the ground with tears in their eyes.

"Tehahahahahahahahaha! Knew it!" Domino exclaimed.

"Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Thanks, boy!" said Charmcaster.

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