Officer Jenny had a smug expression on her face as she looked at her captive. The teenage Team Rocket operative, Domino, was tied to a chair and squirming to get free to no avail. She couldn't believe that the lady police officer actually arrested her! And looking at the woman's face, she could tell that she had something planned for her, and she didn't like it.

JENNY: All right, "Black Tulip"'re gonna tell me all the Team Rocket secrets you know!

DOMINO: What!? Why the heck would I do that?

JENNY: 'Cause you're gonna be interrogated!

DOMINO: That's a shame, because you're getting nothing out of me!

JENNY: Just you wait.

Sticking her gloved fingers in her mouth, Officer Jenny gave a rousing whistle. Domino's eyes widened when the police woman's loyal Growlithe came bounding into the room, panting when he laid eyes on her.

DOMINO: Hehehe...nice Growlithe...

Jenny then began petting Growlithe, assuring the nervous girl that Growlithe was a good dog.

JENNY: Oh, he isn't gonna hurt you. But he'll do something else to you...hehe...

This got Domino to shiver slightly in fear.

DOMINO: L-like what?

JENNY: Oh, you'll find out.

Jenny and Growlithe then approached Domino, with Growlithe panting even more out of excitement. As Growlithe's excitement grew, so did Domino's fear.

DOMINO: You promise you won't hurt me?

JENNY: Not at all. Now, may you please remove your gloves?

DOMINO: Why would I wanna-

Unable to contain his anticipation, Growlithe then swiftly bit off both of her gloves.

DOMINO: Hey! W-Wait a minute, you mutt!

Just then, Growlithe began happily licking at both of her gloveless hands, slobber dripping from his tongue as he did. This of course she was disgusted by.

DOMINO: Awwww, ewwwwwwwww!

Already liking her taste, Growlithe then gave a few big, sweeping licks up her cheek.


JENNY: OK, Domino, willing to give up the secrets?

DOMINO: Of course not! Growlithe slobber isn't gonna get anything out of me.

JENNY: Oh, we'll see about that...

As Jenny snapped her fingers, Growlithe responded by placing his paws on Domino's knees and intensified his licking, covering her hands and face in yet more slobber!

DOMINO: Ugggggh! This is disgusting!

Jenny began speaking to Growlithe in a playful, excited tone.

JENNY: You like her, Growlithe? You like her taste?

When Growlithe nodded his head vigorously, Jenny smirked before she knelt down and began to slip Domino's boots off her feet, much to the teenage criminal's shock.

DOMINO: Wait, what are you doing!?

JENNY: You wanna me to do it? Do ya, boy?

Growlithe nodded his head, and once Jenny removed the boots, the dog Pokemon begun lapping up Domino's exposed feet, accompanied by loud slurping sounds and plenty of slobber.


JENNY: So, Domino, how about those secrets?

DOMINO: Nehehehever!

At this, Growlithe decided to pick up the pace with his "torture", with his licking getting twice as fast and slobbery.


JENNY: Tough shell to crack, huh, Growlithe?

Growlithe barked in agreement. And so, decided to lick more areas of her body, from her legs to her sides!


JENNY: Is that so, Domino? (To Growlithe) Pick up the pace, Growlithe, until she gives in!

Domino was horrified at this command. Growlithe gave an affirmative nod, and continued to lick Domino all over, with his licking intensifying tenfold.


JENNY: So, does that mean you'll finally give us the secrets?

DOMINO: Not in a million years!

Growlithe in turn once more continued to unleash a flurry of licks onto Domino's bare feet, which got her toes wiggling wildly.


JENNY: Aw, look, she's laughing so hard she's crying! Lick up those tears, Growlithe!

And just like that, Growlithe had begun lapping up her tears, causing her to tickle more!


JENNY: OK then, Growlithe, you can stop now. Good job.

Growlithe then retracted his tongue back into his mouth. At this point, Domino was dripping with slobber!

DOMINO: Whew...OK...

JENNY: Alright, Domino, finally ready to give up those secrets?

DOMINO: Ok, fine! Team Rocket is hiding Pokemon in-

But before she could spill the beans, Growlithe was still excited and wanted more of Domino's taste! Therefore, Growlithe and begun licking her everywhere his tongue could reach!

DOMINO: Tehahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

JENNY: Haha! Not ready to quit yet, huh boy?

Growlithe replied with an affirmative bark and kept on soaking her soles.

DOMINO: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Growlithe was still getting carried away with taking in her taste, so he proceeded to jump up, place his paws on her shoulders, and give her face an equal amount of slobber!

DOMINO: Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Stop that, you mutt! Knock it ohohohohoff!

JENNY: I don't think he's ever liked a criminal as much as he loves you, Domino! (winks)

DOMINO: Hehe...I guess you're right...

Unsatisfied, Growlthe began panting heavily and excitedly. Of course he wanted more, so he the jumped back up on Domino's lap and began lapping up Domino's face yet again!

DOMINO: Hahahahaha! Alright, I love you too! Thank you!

JENNY: Not exactly the secrets, but still good to hear! Hehe!

DOMINO: I pretty much already forgot! I'm just so in love with this dog!

Growlithe continued on with his slobbery assault, licking her face like crazy!

DOMINO: Hahahahahahahaha! Thanks, boy!

After a bit of this, Growlithe's next target was Jenny, and tackled her to the ground and gave the same treatment he gave to Domino during the "interrogation"

JENNY: HEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You gonna interrogate me now, boy?

Growlithe nodded happily in response, his tongue hanging out as he did, and continued licking her.


DOMINO: Hehehe! How's that interrogation feel for you, Jenny?


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