Elie Licked
Elie finally goes to the kennel, signing in and heading straight to Max's room with a big happy grin on her face.  This grin is matched by the large sheepdog when he sees the long-legged, scantily-clad tomboy, and he jumps up at her and presses his slobbering tongue against her cheek, lifting it up while she laughs gleefully, petting Max with one hand and wiping her cheek with the other.

ELIE: Hello, Max!  Have I got a treat for you today!

Max gets excited at this mention of a treat and starts panting, slobber pouring from his tongue as he does, prompting a giggle from Elie as she draws a deck of cards from her skirt pocket.

ELIE: (holding up a finger and winking) I love gambling, so I'm gonna gamble with myself!  I'm gonna play strip solitare, and each time I take off some clothes, you get to taste me!  Sound good to you, boy?  Does it?

Max pants excitedly at this idea, then nods happily. Elie begins playing, and soon ends up having to let down one of the shoulder straps of her tank-top shirt, exposing even more of her luscious skin to the dog. Max licks his chops esgerly.

ELIE: (Teasingly) You like that, don't you, boy? (Wink)


At once, Max jumps up and begins licking Elie all over her shoulder and the top of her chest.

ELIE: Eeeheeheeheehahahahahahaha!

She let down the other strap, letting Max lick even more of her pale white skin before removing the whole shirt, leaving nothing but a bra. More slobber dripped from the dog's tongue as he panted excitedly before licking Elie from her midriff all the way up to her neck.

ELIE: Heehehahahahahaha! Woah, it feels amazing!

Elie played some more cards and ended up removing her shorts, prompting Max to lick up and down her long, athletic legs.

ELIE: Oh, I love it so much! Heeheeheeheehahahahahahaha!

Next went Elie's shoes, exposing her bare feet.  Elie wiggled her toes at Max playfully, before he got straight to work, licking her soles and making her laugh even more hysterically.


Max ran back up to Elie's face and started slobbering all over it.


The dog's big wet tongue slid up her cheek repeatedly, making her laugh and laugh.


After Elie laughs some more, Max stops and just sits, panting and drooling.

ELIE: Awwww! That was a fun game! Thanks, Max! I really had a great time!

MAX: Woof woof!

Max dove at Elie again, his slobbering tongue pressing against her cheek and lifting up over and over again as he licked her joyfully.