The proverbial gears in Zelda’s mind began to turn as she concocted the perfect idea to follow Saria’s from moments ago.  She looked up at her panting pal Toby and rhetorically asked him:

ZELDA: You liked our little game of Find the Princess, yes?

Toby nodded excitedly, and reinforced his approval by wrapping his warm tongue around Zelda’s sweet cheek, prompting her to giggle a bit.

ZELDA: Teehee.  Well, I think we should keep this game going, and I’ve got just the princess for you to find next!

Excited at the prospect, Toby gave Zelda his undivided attention.  Zelda produced a Fire Flower and offered it to Toby for scent reference.

ZELDA: I got this flower when I visited my friend Princess Peach.  How’d you like to go meet her?

Toby inhaled the scent of the magic super-power granting flower, taking in its springtime aroma.  Ready for ‘Find the Princess’ Round 2, the great big basset starting bounding rapidly back to the portal to the kennel, which, as always, provided a convenient multiversal portal, which he happily took into the famous Mushroom Kingdom world.  Curiously, he sniffed around several directions until one of them revealed the strongest trace of that unique flower-scent he got from his pretty playmate Zelda.

Princess Peach casually strolled alongside the many flowers in her castle’s courtyard garden, enjoying a relaxing afternoon by herself.  Peach was wearing an elegant princess-gown, in 2 opposite shades of pink.  While she walked, she made sure to lift her dress with her hands to avoid stepping on the long pink skirt, revealing a little bit of her white dress-slip and a glance at her shapely ankles.  Suddenly, she stopped walking forward as the sound of heavy sprinting paws drew her attention.  Curious, Peach listened intently, noticing that the sounds were getting closer.  Finally, she saw the source, as an enormous basset hound effortlessly leapt over the outside wall and into the gardens.  She looked over at the great dog, not knowing what to expect.

TOBY: Woof!

The pink-clad princess nervously greeted him.

PEACH: He-Hello there, fella.Ca-can I help you?

Peach felt a little nervous. She knew a dog this large could turn her into his lunch, and since she was meeting him for the first time, she had yet to learn that Toby was actually a very nice dog. She did realize that Toby wasn't making any threatening gestures, so she chose to stay and see why he was visiting.

Toby happily trotted over to where Peach was and lowered his head as best he could.  Peach nervously put her white-gloved hand between his large eyes and petted him very gently.  Toby smiled at the gesture.  He then raised his head back up and sniffed the beautiful princess.  Her fruit-blossom smell was delightful!  He walked around behind her and sniffed some more.  Peach looked back towards him as he did so.  Toby could smell her nervous sweat, which added a pleasant saltiness to the mix.  When he was in front of her once more, Peach reached for the top of his face again to pet him.

PEACH: Iiii wasn’t expecting company today.  B-but you do seem friendly…(reading his tag)..Toby.  Iii’m Peach.

She didn’t know how friendly just yet!  Toby proceeded to roll out his tremendous tongue and starting panting with excitement.  With his head now out of her reach, Toby looked at Peach with his eyes full of puppy-like affection.

PEACH: Ww-what is it, Toby?  Did you want something?

He sure did!  He moved in towards her face and lightly licked her cheek.


Peach felt a tingly sensation.  Excited at the creamy-fruity taste of his new princess-friend, Toby licked Peach’s face again, this time harder than the last.

Peach started to get over her initial nervousness, realizing that Toby liked her.

PEACH: want to lick?  Me?

TOBY: (panting excitedly) Yeayeayeayeayeayeayea

*SS-LURP!* Toby licked Peach in her pretty face again, causing wet drool to fly around.  Toby moved his tongue towards Peach’s waist, tapping the cusp of her bodice and skirt lightly 3 times, then he stretched his dripping tongue out more and licked the whole front of her dress, followed by her neck and the front of her face, all the way up through her forehead.  Toby took a brief moment to savor the tastes of Peach’s skin and the satiny fabric of her gown. While enduring the tickly licks, Peach fully understood that Toby would never harm her. Get her very messy, sure, but never harm her.

PEACH: Hehahaha!  Y’know, Toby, you remind me of Belome; he really liked to lick me too.


The slurping sounds continued as Toby continued to pour on the doggy-kisses, covering Peach’s face, arms, and dress in his dense doggy drool.

PEACH: Kiheeheehee.  Good thing I have plenty of spare dresses!

On that note, Toby moved in to lick the entire length of Peach's dress up her left side, pouring even more slobber onto it. Peach suddenly felt a warm wet sensation on her leg.  She lifted up her slobber-soaked skirt to verify that Toby’s saliva had in fact seeped through her dress and petticoat.  Seeing Peach’s legs exposed, Toby leaned in to lick the now-bare skin, also tonguing her frilly white slip in the process.  Peach petted the affectionate dog while giggling uncontrollably.

PEACH: Heeheeehahaha!’re a good dog, Toby!  Yesyouare!

*SSSLLURP!* Toby wrapped his great tongue around Peach’s head one more time.  As Peach recovered her breath, Toby stood back briefly, then lifted his paw, seemingly to scratch an inch, but instead, it triggered the release of a laminated business card.  Peach took the card and read “Come Play With Me!” on the top in big letters, then saw that the rest of the card explained how to visit The Kennel.

PEACH: Oh, I’d love to, Toby!

Joyous at the prospect of a lovely new playmate, Toby stepped behind Peach and engulfed as much of her tall figure with his long wet tongue as he could, then reeled his licker back in with a mighty slurp!  Still feeling a rush of excitement, he licked and licked and licked!  A few times, he could taste the skin on Peach’s back by moving his tongue in behind her long beautiful blonde hair. He finished by lifting her skirt and petticoat from behind with one slurp, and wetting the backs of her legs with 2 more.

PEACH: Kheeheeheehee!  This sure was a affectionate surprise.  I’ll come visit you real soon!

Finally needing a rest, Toby gave Peach a goodbye lick while she curtseyed, and then took off back to the Kennel.  Peach waved and blew a kiss to her new buddy.  She immediately noticed just how much heavy slobber was on her.  Slightly blushing, she declared:

PEACH: I better put on a fresh dress.  Well, maybe in just a little while.

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