Peach stretched, yawned gently, and started to stir as the sunlight shined into her bedchamber.  Finally collecting her bearings, she pulled the fluffy comforter aside.  Peach was wearing a short, shiny, pink nightgown, exposing her sexy legs.  As she climbed out the canopied bed, a bright, human-sized flash of light appeared in front of her, quickly taking the form of Zelda’s translucent psychic projection[1].

ZELDA: Good Morning, Peach!

PEACH: Zelda!  How are things with you?

ZELDA: Great!  I’m here to let you know it’s your turn in our fun little game.

PEACH: Game?  What game?

ZELDA: ‘Find the Princess’ of course.  I take it Toby found you just fine.

PEACH: Toby…so YOU put him up to it!  Zelda!  I should’ve known that behind your sweet face there was a mischievous streak!

ZELDA: Heeheehee!  Surprise Surprise!

PEACH: Heh, nicely done, Zelda.  So you sent Toby after me…and now you want me to send him to another princess?

ZELDA: Yup!  Have fun!

Zelda’s image faded into psychic mist before fully dissipating.  Peach started thinking out loud. 

PEACH: Hmm...Find the Princess…!  I’ve got just the girl for this!

The blonde-haired princess walked over to her walk-in closet, where numerous beautiful gowns, stylish shoes, and elegant accessories lined the walls.  She started leafing through the hangers while singing a makeshift poem to herself.

PEACH: 1,2,3…4,5,6…let’s pick which dress…Toby’s gonna lick!

Since she was wearing a long, elegant gown last time she saw Toby, Peach decided that she should change things up a bit.  Looking for something short, frisky, and fun, Peach grabbed a hanger holding a pink, knee-length sundress.  Minutes later, she stepped back into the main room, now wearing the summer dress she selected, along with a pair of heeled, sandal-like shoes.  She located the Kennel card she received the day before and read the directions before looking up with a devious smile.

Peach walked into the Kennel and followed the directions to Toby’s unit. 

PEACH: Toooby!  C’mere big guy!

Hearing the arrival of company, Toby excitedly bolted to the opposite side of the great room to see his newest Princess-playmate looking and smelling tastier than ever.  Salivating with excitement, he first licked Peach’s right cheek, causing her face to briefly reshape.

PEACH: Teehee.  I missed you too, Toby. 

Peach showed her appreciation by giving Toby’s massive head the best hug she could, followed by gently petting him on top.  Needing a bigger taste, Toby put his large tongue on Peach’s skirt and licked up the entire side of her dress, then followed by getting a wet taste of Peach’s bare shoulders.  Finally, he moved in low to tickle Peach’s ankles and feet with his tongue, as well get a nice taste of her long legs, causing her skirt to flip upwards.

PEACH: Aww thank you! 

Eager to show Peach more affection, Toby moved his head to her back and sniffed her long beautiful hair.  Moving past her thick mane, Toby got a few sniffs of the skin on her upper back.  Excited by her sweet scents, Toby gave Peach a dripping slurp up her back and neck, appreciating her soft dress and smooth skin alike.  Wanting some more, he reached the backs of her ankles with his wet tongue and playfully licked behind her legs and skirt.

PEACH: Good Toby; Now, I came for another reason too.  How would like to find another princess?

Toby smiled and made a sound like “Hrrrrmm?” as he intently looked at Peach to listen.  The pink-clad princess produced a bouquet of flowers: the center flower was reminiscent of the one Zelda provided previously, but different somehow.  The surrounding flowers were all yellow and white daisies.  Toby slowly sniffed the flowers, noting their subtleties with his remarkably sharp senses.

PEACH: Your next princess is in Sarasaland.  Have a good time!

TOBY: Woof!

Toby gave Peach a loving lick goodbye, and then headed off to find the latest mark in this exceptionally fun game. 

Princess Daisy was ready for an afternoon of fun that sunny day.  She confidently walked into a small arena located a short walk from her castle.  Now within the grassy field, Daisy pressed a button on a wall panel and spoke an order into the speaker.

DAISY: Training Program Level 5.

ARENA: Request Acknowledged. 

Several goombas and koopa troopas filed into the arena.  Daisy grabbed her flowing skirt in her hands and ran towards the first goomba she saw, and with a running leap, she jumped atop the little critter and smooshed it under her heels.  Bouncing high off the squished goomba, she bounded off 3 others in sequence, oblivious to the fact that a lakitu was flying in up above, and 2 hard-shelled beetles were crawling into the fray. 

2 of the arena workers observed Daisy fighting the koopa monsters.  One made an observation to the other. 

ATTENDANT: You wouldn’t know Princess Daisy was such a tomboy just from seeing her in her gown.

Indeed, Daisy was wearing long, yellow princess dress with orange décor, made fluffier by a white petticoat.  Though seemingly impractical for an afternoon of fighting monsters, she seemed unhindered by it.  She proceeded to jump upon a troopa turtle, causing it to separate from the shell, and then kicked the slippery shell at a buzzy beetle, knocking it clean out.  Suddenly, a heavy spiked egg fell on her head, causing her to fall down.  At that same time, a hatched spiny loomed over her ready to strike.  Recovering from the shot, Daisy performed a back-spin maneuver like a champion break-dancer, briefly showing off her slip until she spun back to her feet.  She then jumped over the spiny and headed off to the opposite side of the field where a stack of ice blocks stood. 

She made it to about 20 feet from the stack before a hammer bro jumped in and cut off her path.  The aggressive man-turtle hurled a few hammers in Daisy’s direction as she narrowly dodged them.  It grabbed 2 more from its magic pouch and faked a few throws while having a stare down with Daisy.  Meanwhile, behind her, the Lakitu threw a spiny egg at the other beetle knocking it into its shell, followed by the unshelled troopa kicked the beetle shell at Daisy.  Just before the shell could take out her legs, Daisy performed a standing backflip.  The beetle shell struck the hammer bro, rebounded off the ice blocks, and finally konked the troopa its face.  Smiling for her impending victory, Daisy grabbed an ice block from the pile and hurled it into the remaining spiny. 

Finally, she ran over to a nearby ‘?’ block and gave it a good punch.  A super ball flower grew out of the block, so Daisy touched the flower, which allowed her to produce a small iron ball.  With a high leg-kick, she hurled the ball at the lakitu like a major league pitcher, knocking it off of its cloud. 

A high pitched bell emitted 3 quick tings, and the arena voice followed.

ARENA: 2 Minutes, 38.67 seconds.  A new record!  Well done Princess Daisy.

DAISY: Yeaa-ha!  Take 5, everyone! 

The wounded critters started to collect their bearings and trot back to their pens.  Daisy turned her attention to an attendant running towards her.  Breathing hard, he advised: 

ATTENDANT: Princess Daisy!  There’s some trouble afoot.

DAISY: Trouble?  What kind of trouble?

ATTENDANT: A great big beast is scouring the kingdom.  He might be dangerous.

DAISY: Can you show me? 

The attendant escorted Daisy out of the arena, handed her his binoculars, and pointed in the direction he arrived from earlier.  Daisy peered through the binocs, and beheld a sight most amazing: An enormous basset hound, sniffing his way ever closer to the castle.  Daisy smiled with excitement.

DAISY: Oh wow!  What an awesome dog!

ATTENDANT: Princess, shouldn't we be trying to get him away from the populace before he hurts anyone.

DAISY: Nonsense!  He’s just a big sweetie!  Relax, I’ve got this! 

Daisy ran back into the arena and anxiously pushed the lakitu off of its cloud as it was just about to re-board. 

DAISY: Sorry, buddy; Gotta borrow the cloud! 

Lakitu groaned as Daisy sped off.  Aboard her little nimbus ride, Daisy flew over to where Toby was searching.  Sensing that his mark was nearby, Toby glanced up at Daisy on her cloud, just quickly enough to see her before she took the cloud in a wide arc to Toby’s right ear.  Daisy proceeded to gently scratch a sensitive spot behind Toby’s flopping ear.  The touch made Toby feel happy and relaxed as he settled into a resting position.  Daisy then flew forward slightly so she could pet Toby atop his head.  Toby was awestruck; he came to Sarasaland thinking he would find a princess and give her a nice surprise, only to see the princess found him and surprised him first!  He liked this girl already!  From where she was petting him, she could see his name tag just before she flew the cloud back to the ground in front of the great dog and hopped off.

DAISY: Hi I’m Daisy!  Pleasure to meet ya, Toby!

Toby raised up slightly and let his panting tongue out.  Daisy took a couple of steps towards him and petted the side of his face as he panted, tongue bobbing with the sound of his breath.

DAISY: You gave my staff a little scare, but I knew you were nice dog.  And I love dogs! 

Now knowing he had an awesome new friend in Daisy, Toby moved his cold nose up to Daisy’s fine-figured body and sniffed her for a several seconds.  She effervesced an interesting mixture of daisies [2] and super ball flowers.  He took a couple of steps around Daisy to sniff her upper back and her shoulder-length brown hair as well.  As Daisy petted the side of his ear, Toby took in the aroma of a flowery shampoo.  Daisy giggled as Toby’s nose nearly touched her.

DAISY: H-Ha!  You like checking me out? 

Toby let his long flat tongue out of his mouth again and with a *Sk-lurp*, he stroked her right cheek and right ear with his tongue.  The salty-citrusy taste got him revved up, prompting Toby to extend his loving tongue further and include Daisy’s neck as well as her cheek and ear with his next couple of licks.  A few drops of dog drool fell onto Daisy’s dress in the process.

DAISY: Hahaha!  You do like me!  I can tell! 

Toby then wrapped his flexible tongue around the arm Daisy had stretched out put him with, savoring the taste of her skin a bit more.  Having made contact with the puff ball sleeve covering Daisy’s shoulder, Toby got curious again, so he moved to Daisy’s front side to lick her dress.  His tremendous size allowed him to lick her from hem to bodice in one wet slurp.  The smooth satin felt nice, and the silk-made trim and panniers added a sugar-like grain the texture, all flavored with the sweat Daisy gave off during her workout. 

DAISY: Oh my!  You give the best licks, Toby! 

*SlurpKhyoopSllp* The wet sounds continued as Toby affectionately shared generous dog-kisses with the lovely Princess Daisy.  Toby briefly paused to absorb the taste on his big lips. 

DAISY: Hahahaha!  That’s really tickly!  Got any more? 

Toby happily obliged by sneaking his tongue just under Daisy’s dress and applying enough of press against her leg to lift the skirt and petticoat with the ensuing lick.  With impressive speed, he got a wet one on Daisy’s left leg before her dress floated back down. 

DAISY:  Oh?  Well why didn’t you ask? 

Daisy hiked up her skirt to her mid thighs with a wink.  Eagerly accepting the invite, Toby moved in and slowly licked Daisy’s gorgeous shins, knees, and thighs, savoring their sharp flavor.  The tickling sensation caused Daisy to lose her grip on her slip, so as it fell back over her legs, Toby gave it a few wet licks, enjoying the frilly texture with his tongue. 

DAISY: Hihahahaha!  This is amazing!  And really wet! 

Toby stepped back briefly while Daisy caught her breath, but not finished yet, he moved around behind Daisy and licked the back of her dress, seemingly trying to raise the skirt again.  Daisy picked up on this and gathered her slobber-soaked skirts, once again exposing her shapely stems.  The excited dog once again unleashed his slobbering tongue and gave Daisy several slurps on her calf muscles and the backs of her knees and thighs.  Daisy found herself short of breath giggling again.  After a few more, Toby relented and Daisy let go of her dress again. Toby then put his big tongue on Daisy's yellow gown one more time. 

DAISY: *huffing* Oh man!  You’ve sure got a messy way of showing your affection!

Toby woofed as if to plead guilty as charged.

DAISY: We’ll have to play some more soon.  I bet with your help, we could beat the Level 10 Training Program!

[1] Zelda: Link to the Past

[2] *Drum* *Cymbal*

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