Max is walking alongside his master, Prince Eric, on the beach one morning when suddenly a familiar scent drifts through the air. Max stops and sniffs the wind, the fur over his eyes raising in surprise. Miles away down the beach is Giselle! Max begins panting and barking loudly, running past his master.

ERIC: Max? Huh? What?

Max runs back to Eric and starts jumping around, barking and trying to tell him to follow behind. Then the big sheepdog turns and bounds off at high-speed down the beach. Alarmed, Eric chases after him.

ERIC: Maaaaaaaax!

Meanwhile, Scuttle the seagull gives a wolf-whistle at Giselle.

SCUTTLE: You look great, kid. You look sensational!

GISELLE: *blushing* Heh! Thank you! But don't I always? I'm Giselle, after all!

Giselle, dressed in revealing clothes, smiles and wraps her arms in her hair as she strikes a sexy pose. Just then, loud barking is heard. Giselle is shocked and turns to see Max appear from around a corner, bounding down the dunes, panting excitedly when he sees Giselle. He continues to run straight toward her.

Panicking, Giselle begins running away, stumbling along with Max giving chase. Giselle running just makes the dog even more excited to catch her, and he stays hot on her heels. She runs around a large rock, but Max intercepts her by running around the other way. Giselle frantically turns around and runs some more before climbing up on top of the rock. She looks down at the barking Max, who jumps at her, making her draw back, startled.

Max places his large front paws on the rock and, slobber dripping from his tongue, jumps up and licks Giselle right in the face. This big, slobbery lick immediately makes Giselle gasp, as she recognizes the dog now. Giselle grimaces as she turns her head away and brushes the hair out of her face before putting a hand to her wet cheek as she looks back at Max, who licks his lips at the taste of her skin.

GISELLE: Aw, yuck! What was that!?

Max only responded to her by slurping her cheek once more, his massive tongue dragging itself up it.

GISELLE: Gross! No! Don't! Stop that!

Max didn't really listen though, and just kept on licking her anyways.

GISELLE: Hehehehehe! Cuhuhut that out!

Max then noticed she was starting to giggle, so he kept at it, the girl's laughter increasing each time the dog's tongue lifted her cheek up, splashing large drops of slobber upon her as it did.  As Max stopped to lick his lips once again, Giselle chuckled before cocking her head to the side and flashing Max a sassy wink.

GISELLE: Well, you certainly have good taste in girls!  Although judging by the way you're licking those lips of yours, it seems you think I'm the one with good taste! Heheheh!

Giselle then nudged Max with her elbow playfully. This prompted Max to give Giselle another massive lick to her face.

GISELLE: Hahahahahahahahaha! Stop that!

But Max didn't listen, and nonchalantly slurped her face once again.

GISELLE: Tehahahahahahahahahahaha! Alright, you can keep licking me!

Of course, Giselle didn't have to say this twice, as Max already began his slobbery assault.

GISELLE: Hahahahahahahahaha! This is more fun than I expected it to be!

Happy to hear this, Max picked up the pace with his kisses, licking her at a very fast pace.

GISELLE: Tehahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Wow, you're fast with that tongue!

But Max could go slow too, as he showed Giselle by giving her a very slow lick from her chin to her forehead.

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