Pluto was out for a walk in the woods on his own, his nose to the ground as he sniffed in all that he could sniff around him. He came to a halt in surprise when one of the scents entered his nose. Sniff sniff sniff! Sniffing in deeper, Pluto recognized the smell as that of his friend, the spunky and tomboyish Dragon Master Iris!


Tongue flopping out of his wide open mouth, the yellow bounded over to where the tan-skinned young girl was presently walking. She stopped in her tracks when she heard the sounds of loud barking.

IRIS: Eh? Is that PluWOAH!

Pluto jumped straight at Iris with his slobbering tongue swinging toward her startled face. It hit with a loud smack sound, and trailed up, leaving a stream of wet slobber behind. Iris flailed a little before falling to the ground on her butt, throwing her hands up to her face as she burst into hysterical laughter.

IRIS: Hahahahahahahahahaha! Hey there, boy!

Pluto gave Iris another drenching wet lick, immediately licking his lips thoroughly afterward, dog drool still flying from his big red tongue. Iris tasted even better than he remembered! And his tongue felt even wetter to Iris than she remembered.

IRIS: Heeheehee! I know there's more where that came from, so c'mon!

With a resounding bark, Pluto slapped his tongue against Iris' cheek again, getting a smile out of the both of them, Iris' laughter redoubling as the wet towel of a tongue slurped her face from chin to forehead.

IRIS: Wheeheeheeheehahahahahahahaha! Good boy, Pluto!

Iris put both hands on the sides of Pluto's head and rubbed them eagerly, making him pant inbetween even more slobbery kisses. Soon Iris had to turn around and wipe her face with her sleeve, leaving the back of her neck exposed. This would prove to be a huge mistake on her part.


Pluto was now slurping the back of Iris' neck, which tickled so much that she faceplanted onto the ground while laughing.


She turned around, only for Pluto to lick her midriff area and slide his tongue upward, swiping off at her forehead in a spray of slobber.


Iris was now pounding the ground with her little fist, laughing harder and louder than ever. She eventually started struggling underneath Pluto, but was very limited in movement. Pluto's tongue returned to her face, slurping across it again and again, soaking it in all the more slobber!


Finally, Pluto stopped to pant and savor Iris' taste some more, giving Iris a chance to collect herself. She sat up and laughed some more while Pluto licked his lips.

IRIS: Heehee! Gosh, Pluto! You're such a silly piece of work!

Pluto felt the same way about Iris, showing it with another full-face lick. This made her fall right over again as she laughed.

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