Kairi as she appears in Kingdom Hearts II.

Kairi is one of several original characters appearing in Kingdom Hearts, and is also one of the main characters in the series. Kairi was born in Radiant Garden and currently lives on Destiny Islands along with her friends, Sora and Riku.

Original Kairi

Kairi as she appears in the original Kingdom Hearts.

Kairi is caring, kindhearted and not afraid to speak her mind. However, she is determined and courageous when someone she cares about is in danger, often risking her own safety to help that person. She's also become slightly more withdrawn because of Sora's absence, having obtained wisdom usually beyond someone of her age. She's not as brash and bold as she was in the first game, but she's still pretty sociable.

Kairi is also very charismatic, quickly befriending Hayner, Pence, and Olette in Twilight Town before being kidnapped by Axel. She's usually always very cheerful and upbeat and seems to be bit of a tomboy as well. In contrast to Sora and Riku, who were both bothered by not knowing about Kairi's hometown, she took it in stride and was able to look at the positives about living in the Destiny Islands. She is loyal and headstrong, and she can be rather stubborn sometimes. While the bond of friendship between Sora, Riku, and Kairi is very strong, Sora seems to be particularly important to Kairi, and vice versa.

Pluto meets Kairi in Kingdom Hearts II, when he is wandering through the World That Never Was. A portal opens that leads Mickey's faithful dog to Destiny Islands. There he sniffs out Kairi and goes to where she is on the beach. He barks and runs around Kairi excitedly, immediately taking a liking to the spunky redhead. Kairi smiles and bends down to get acquainted with the yellow mutt.

Axel, who is trying to tempt Kairi into coming with him, summons Nobodies to attack Pluto. This evil act sways Kairi away from Axel's offer. Another portal opens and the girl and dog escape through it. Kairi awakens to Pluto licking her face. She is now in Twilight Town with Hayner, Pence, and Olette.

Kairi and Pluto stay in Twilight Town for a while until Axel appears and kidnaps them. They get away from him, but are captured by Saix, who throws them both in a prison cell in the World That Never Was. There, Pluto helps cheer up Kairi whenever she feels depressed, pawing at her gently or licking her cheeks. Kairi responds by petting him fondly.

With the help of Namine, Kairi and Pluto escape from their prison. They later both evacuate from the collapsing Alter of Naught through another portal, which leads them back to Destiny Islands safe and sound.

Kairi is Pluto's absolute favorite girl, and he adores being around her. Kairi loves Pluto too, and playing with him is one of her favorite activities.

In the kennel, Kairi can age up and down one year, existing as either her cute, short-haired 14-year old self or her beautiful, longer-haired 15-year old self. In either form, she's always greeted with a slobbery welcome from Pluto, who licks her all over her face, arms, and legs, to Kairi's great amusement.

Kairi is so hot, she has her own Gallery!

Kairi & Pluto Girl's Best Friend

Kairi & Pluto Girl's Best Friend

A showing of Kairi's delightful playfulness with Pluto.