Long, skinny legs protruding from a short skirt. Broad, bare shoulders and an exposed white underdress. Red hair blowing in the breeze and a perky smile on her lips. This was Kairi, 15-year old Princess of Heart from Destiny Islands, as she arrived at the outdoor kennel room of her canine friend Pluto one afternoon.

KAIRI: Heh! Any second now....

She casually folds her arms behind her back and began whistling to herself, waiting as she lets the wind carry her scent along. Soon, she was tackled by a big yellow blur.

KAIRI: AH! Ahahahahaha, Pluto!

King Mickey's dog, who happened to have an extreme liking for Kairi, considering her his best human friend, licked her cheek repeatedly, soaking it in drool. Kairi touched her cheek and grinned.

KAIRI: Smelled me out fast, huh boy?

PLUTO: Yeahyeahyeah!

The dog begins sniffing Kairi over to emphasize this, tail wagging as he inhales her sweet scent.

KAIRI: Hee hee!  Glad that you did!  (Winks)

This gets Pluto's heart racing with joy, as he showers her in the best dog affection possible, his slobbering tongue covering her whole face as he licked it from chin to forehead.  Kairi giggled ecstatically.

KAIRI: Hahahahahahaha!  Oh Pluto!

Pluto's tongue gave him the notion that Kairi had been exercising lately and her skin had gotten even tastier as a result!  He slapped it back down on Kairi's face and gave it a much slower lick, leaving it dripping wet with dog slobber.

KAIRI: Enjoying the taste, boy?

Pluto nodded happily as he sped up his loving routine, now licking below her neck and the top of her chest.

KAIRI: Heeheeheehee! Here comes that tickling feeling!

Kairi was continuously tickled by Pluto's big wet tongue, making her laugh and kick her long legs in the air.

KAIRI: It feels so wonderful! Heeheehahahahaha!

The tomboyish redhead kicked so hard that her shoes went flying from her bare feet. Pluto panted happily as he started up again at that spot, licking her soles over and over again.

KAIRI: Heeheeheeheehahahahahahahahaha! Oh, Pluto! That tickles!

Pluto's drooling tongue slathered up and down Kairi's legs, tickling her even further.

KAIRI: Hahahahahahahaha! You sure know how to show love!

Once Pluto stops and lets Kairi up, the Princess of Heart brushes hair out of her face before winking at the dog.

KAIRI: Ahahahahaha! Taste good, boy?

PLUTO: Yeahyeahyeah!

Pluto licked his lips and then licked Kairi on her lips.

KAIRI: Hahahahahaha! Aw, Pluto!

The dog's drooling tongue pressed against Kairi's cheek, which bounced upward as it was licked, a wet trail of slobber left on it afterward. This caused Kairi to laugh, which earned her even more licks from Pluto, soaking her entirely in no time. Eventually, Pluto had to leave, but not before giving Kairi a farewell lick.

KAIRI: Hee hee!  Bye, Pluto!  I'll see you again soon, promise!