Ariel walked along the beach one day, breathing a sigh of relief as she did so. She was wearing her sail dress, which she had become very comfortable in despite not being a conventional outfit, and her feet were bare. She loved being on land and having legs and staying with Eric at his castle, but sometimes it was nice to get away for a while, to visit the ocean that had been her home for most of her life. Sitting down on a rock, she let out another sigh of relief as she felt the salty sea air blow over her, and heard the crashing of waves on the shore. Of course, that peace was then interrupted as she saw another girl walking along the shore. Ariel watched her walk closer, her curiosity piqued.

Kairi took a deep breath of the salty air, letting out a content sigh as she did so. She'd only been to this world once before, but she had had a good time in it since she'd played with Max for several hours, getting slobbered on thoroughly as the sheepdog's enormous tongue had lifted her cheeks up again and again. She wondered if she'd see him again; this seemed like the right place. But her question was soon answered as a loud barking noise reached her ears. Turning around, she saw a familiar big white shape galloping down the beach, barking up a storm as something big, pink, and wet flopped around in his mouth.

Max had his nose to the ground as he ran down the beach, tilting his head this way and that in confusion. He had come down to the shore following the scent of Ariel, that pretty fishy girl that he had first kissed on the ship. The smell was certainly familiar. However now, there were two scents filling his nose. One was definitely Ariel, the other one was also familiar. He took a deep sniff of it, sneezing as sand went up his nose before he smiled. He had definitely smelled it before, it was that girl from the beach! Kairi! Howling in excitement he ran forward, charging after her and barking loudly, his tongue flopping out of his mouth and panting, slobber flying from it, as he ran.

"Uh oh!" Kairi said. She giggled as she said it but took off regardless, heading down the beach and, unknowingly, right towards Ariel. As she ran, Max increased his pace, now barking in joy as he picked up Ariel's smell too. Kairi was heading right towards her. What luck! He charged after Kairi, and now he could also see Ariel a short way down the beach. He smiled to himself. This was going to be great!

Ariel perked up as she saw Kairi screech to a stop in front of her, blinking in surprise. Kairi blinked too, then gave a nervous wave. "Heheh...hi! Sorry to barge in like this but I need a place to hide..."

Ariel cocked her head, puzzled. Who could she be hiding from? Could it be Max? But then she heard the familiar barking and giggled. Obviously Max had smelled this girl too. The new girl shook her head and smiled as well. "Guess you know Max too, huh?" She looked around. Nowhere else to go. She chuckled. "Well, looks like I'm in for a slobbering, huh?"

Ariel giggled again and pointed at herself. Kari laughed again. "You too, huh? Guess you're a friend of his. I'm Kairi, by the way." She extended a hand to stretch. "What's your name?" She cocked her head as Ariel pointed to her throat. "You can't speak, huh? Well, can you write it down?" She looked down as Ariel nodded, writing her name in the sand with a finger. "Ariel? Okay. Nice to meet you!"

The sound of barking made them both look up. Max was coming in fast, his big tongue flapping as he made for Kairi first since she had been the one he'd been chasing. Kairi held out her hands, trying to get him to slow down. "Whoa, Max! Down boy! Down!"

But Max didn't stop, tackling Kairi to the ground and immediately sweeping his tongue across her face. Kairi laughed as she felt the wet pink slab slide past her nose, between her eyes, and straight off her forehead in a great spray. She turned to her side and continued laughing as Max lifted his head and turned directly toward Ariel, who had a wide playful grin on her face and began to silently giggle.

Taking that grin as an invitation, the big sheepdog barked and jumped up at her, tongue out of his mouth and swinging right at the former mermaid's face. With a loud "smack!" sound, Max licked Ariel's cheek in the way he was accustomed to doing, with the grin on her face widening as she felt the dog's slobbery tongue against her skin. Max's lick lifted up the skin on her cheek before slurping off in a spray of drool. Ariel fell backwards, laughing as Max hopped onto the rock and planted his paws on her shoulders, his big tongue swinging out and slapping onto her chin, dragging up it slowly before it slurped off in another spray of drool. He licked her face repeatedly, pressing harder against her as he did and causing her to lean backward.

Finally Ariel's head was flung backwards and she fell on her back. Max took advantage of this to turn back to Kairi, who was just now standing up. As she saw Max charge towards her again Kairi stuck out her arms to try and stop him, knowing it wouldn't do any good.

"Whoa there boy, easy, easy!"

Max didn't stop, instead planting his giant paws firmly on her shoulders before he swung out his tongue and slapped it right onto her cheek. Kairi's eye was pushed shut as her cheek was lifted up, Max's huge tongue slowly dragging its way up her face before finally slurping off. Kairi staggered backward in the soft sand but couldn't keep her footing, falling against a rock with Max's tongue planted firmly on her other cheek as he gave it one big lick after another.

As Kairi lay there laughing her head off at each lick she received, Ariel stood up and slowly stepped on over to get a better look at Kairi's predicament. But the moment her bare feet were in range, Max turned around and slurped his tongue across them, making Ariel voicelessly scream with ticklish laughter. A few more licks and she was down on the ground, laughing and pounding at the sand as Max continuously licked her soft bare soles.

Ariel's laughter was soon smothered as Max went back to her face, his giant tongue slapping against her cheek and lifting it up again and again as she flailed uselessly. Kairi laughed at the mermaid's own predicament, wiping one of her soft cheeks off with a hand as she walked over. "Hehehe...Looks like Max is having fun!"

The next thing she knew Max's big, wet warm tongue had slapped into one of her cheeks, rolling it up and hitting it hard enough that Kairi was sent spinning before she fell onto her rump on the beach. Max was there immediately, covering up her entire face with his big tongue as he licked her from chin to forehead again and again, drool flying from his tongue with each swipe on Kairi's face as each lick made Kairi lean back more and more. Ariel crawled over, giggling at Kairi as she sat down next to the pair.

The moment Ariel's scent hit his nostrils, Max turned his head around and swung his drooling tongue at her. Ariel's giggling redoubled as she was licked from the top of her chest to the bangs of her hair, an action that Max repeated several times. As he did so, a big smile crossed Kairi's wet face as she mused to herself "I wonder..." She immediately drew upon her immense heart powers and gently put a hand on her fellow redhead's throat. "There!" she told Ariel cheerfully "Now if you speak, at least I will be able to hear you through my heart."

"Oh my gosh....oh my gosh! I-I can talk again!" Ariel was surprised and delighted! She could speak and be understood again! "Thank you, Kairi, thank you!"  Her joy then turned into laughter as a massive tongue slapped against Kairi's cheek, lifting it up and pushing one of her eyes shut as Max interrupted the moment, wanting to show his own gratitude to Kairi. Kairi's head flew backwards as Max's tongue slurped off of her cheek, spraying drool everywhere. Kairi collapsed, giggling, as Max planted his paws on her shoulders and began slapping his tongue against her cheeks as she kicked and flailed and giggled, lifting the soft cheeks up again and again.

After a while, Max backed off to give Kairi a breather.  Said girl was taking deep breaths in between chuckling and rubbing her face. Max then heard a sharp whistle and turned around, tongue flopping out of his grinning mouth as he looked at Ariel.  The mermaid smiled brightly and wiggled her fingers in a wave at Max before saying "Hey, boy. You can hear me too, right?"  Of course, the dog could hear her given his advanced hearing, and both the sweet sound of her voice combined with the salty scent of her skin was getting him very excited. The next thing Ariel knew a massive pink pillow of a tongue had enveloped her entire face, dragging up it slowly before slurping off in a spray of drool, throwing Ariel's head back as she was knocked back several steps.

Max jumped up and threw his paws on her shoulders, his tongue slapping against her cheek in a prelude to him licking her face every which way, whether it be on her cheeks, her chin, from her chin to her forehead, and more. Ariel's cheeks were lifted up, her head thrown back again and again, before she finally fell over. Ariel landed on the sand with a grunt and was immediately set upon even further, Max's tongue dragging her soft, warm cheeks up again and again before he began swinging his tongue back and forth, slapping Ariel's cheeks from side to side, lifting them up with each swipe as Ariel giggled and kicked. "Mahahahahahahaaaaax! Hahahahahahaha!" she laughed.

Noticing her kicking legs, Max swiped his tongue across them, licking them from thigh to ankle and tickling Ariel even more. "Hahahahahahahaha! I lohohove you to Max, just take it easy!" When his tongue began to slurp the soles and toes of her bare feet, she began to shriek with laughter and slap her hand against the ground in reaction.  After a while, Max stopped to lick his canine lips.  Ariel was his favorite girl ever, with her skin being the tastiest his tongue had ever encountered.  Not that Kairi was any slouch...which gave the sheepdog an idea.

Moving over to Kairi's side, he gently nudged her until she got to her feet. With a smile and a giggle, Kairi pet the panting Max before walking over to lend Ariel a hand up.  This, however, was when Max made his move, jumping at Kairi and knocking her down directly next to Ariel!  Both redheads gasped before Max swung his tongue down on Ariel's cheek, lifting the skin up before flying off of it and splatting on Kairi's cheek. His tail began to wag fervently and his tongue pant at record speed as he savored the combined taste of the two girls. Picking up on Max's idea, Kairi put her arm around Ariel's back placing a hand on her shoulder. With the girls' shoulders touching, Max planted his big tongue upon both of them and licked both at once several times. He then turned his head left to lick Ariel's left cheek then looked right to lick Kairi's right cheek.

Both girls laughed as their cheeks were lifted up again and again by Max's big tongue, Max's tail wagging happily as he licked them over and over, each lick causing Kairi and Ariel to let out a loud "Blech!" noise before giggling again. Max was having a lot of fun, slapping the pair's soft cheeks with his tongue again and again as he sprayed drool over them with each slurp of his tongue.

After a while, Max stopped and began happily panting in between loudly licking his lips at the dual taste of the pretty redheads. Said girls were laughing and leaning against each other, bare skin touching bare skin and wet cheek brushing up against wet cheek. They were both grinning at each other fondly, glad to have found a kindred spirit in one another.

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