Sticking her fingers in her mouth, Supergirl gave a loud whistle as she stepped into the Fortress of Solitude, then held her hands to the sides of her mouth as she called out.


In an instant, Krypto the Superdog was upon her, his paws pressed up against her shoulders as he licked her face exuberantly. Supergirl laughed and petted the dog's head with one hand while pushing him back with the other.

SUPERGIRL: I'm glad to see you too, boy! Easy now, easy! That's a good Superdog!

As Krypto stood panting at Supergirl, the heroic blonde's eyes narrowed and a rather mischievous smirk crossed her lips. She then knelt down to be at eye level with Krypto.

SUPERGIRL: Hey, know Alexis Luthor, don'cha?

Krypto nodded super fast, his tongue hanging out and panting in excitement at the namedrop. He knew Alexis Luthor indeed. He could remember the time she came to the Fortress of Solitude like it was yesterday.

SUPERGIRL: She's kind of a rival of mine. What did you make of her? You think she's a cutie?

Krypto's response was another nod, a happy bark, and licking of his jowls, making Supergirl laugh.

SUPERGIRL: Yeah! I mean, I know she's a Luthor and I probably shouldn't think this way about her, but damn! 

Supergirl put her fingers in her mouth and blew a super wolf-whistle, stomping a foot on the ground hard as she did. This made Krypto pant vigorously, drool raining from his mouth.

SUPERGIRL: I knew that would get you riled up!

Supergirl continued this, to the point where Krypto began running in circles.

SUPERGIRL: You wanna find her boy? Do ya? Huh? Do ya?

Krypto nodded exuberantly as he panted, then gave a loud affirmative bark before licking his canine lips.

SUPERGIRL: All right! Well, I just so happen to have one of her socks here...

Pulling out a fancy silk sock from her pocket, Supergirl held it up to Krypto's super-powerful nose.

SUPERGIRL: Here, Krypto! Get her scent down completely!

SniffsniffsniffsniffSNIIIIIFF! Krypto sniffed the sock over furiously, then started barking as he flew out of the fortress and followed the scent of the girl the sock belonged to...a scent that Krypto's super-powerful nose could smell clear across the world from where she was! Laughing to herself, Supergirl flew behind Krypto, not wanting to miss out on any of this.

Alexis Luthor, a pretty teenage girl with long red hair, was sitting down on an outside balcony when she heard barking coming her way.  But that was impossible, unless the dog in question!  Alexis' eyes widened and she let out a gasp just a second before Krypto slammed into her, his tongue slapping against her cheek and roughly lifting it up with a loud SLUUUUUUURP! ​She grimaced as slobber trickled down her face.

ALEXIS: Krypto! What? H-how did you find me?

SUPERGIRL: *grinning cheekily* It was me, Luthor!

ALEXIS: Supergirl!?!

Alexis was fuming, and Krypto took the opportunity to give her cheek another mighty lick, drool flying from his tongue and splattering all over Alexis in the process. While she was furious at Supergirl, she just couldn't keep a straight face as Krypto slurped up her face repeatedly, and a smile spread across her lips.

ALEXIS: Ahahahahahahahaha! Kryptooohohohohohohohohohohohooo! I'm glad to see you too!

SUPERGIRL: Aww, see, I've done you a favor here! (winks) No thanks are necessary!

ALEXIS: Quite the contrary, Supergirl! Krypto, why don't you go thank her?

Krypto turned to Supergirl and smacked his tongue against the underside of her chin, tilting her head upward as he gave her a mighty lick.  Supergirl laughed and petted Krypto on the head.

SUPERGIRL: Nice one, Alexis. But Krypto's mainly here for you, not me!  Isn't that right, Krypto?  You're here for that rich taste of this rich babe, aren't ya?

Krypto panted and nodded his head rapidly, then turned back to face Alexis.  


Faster than a speeding bullet, he tackled her to the ground and began licking her freckled face like crazy as she squirmed beneath him.

ALEXIS: Errgh...Hehehehehehehehehe! Guess he really does like my taste!

SUPERGIRL: Hehehehe! That's for sure! Mmm-mmm!

After enduring a few more sloppy licks arcoss her face, Alexis lightly pushed Krypto back, laughing as she wiped her cheek.  Krypto panted as he looked back and forth between Alexis and Supergirl, and a grin crossed his face.  In a flash, Krypto flew behind Alexis and pushed her forward.  With a yelp, the wealthy girl flailed and fell against Supergirl, knocking them both to the ground...poised for Krypto to begin licking them both!

ALEXIS: Oh, curses! Here it comes again!

SUPERGIRL: Hehe! Brace yourself!

Even when they braced themselves, it couldn't stop Krypto's mighty tongue! Krypto still managed to drench them in slobber once more, lathering his tongue all over the two teens' pretty faces.

SUPERGIRL: Tehahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Kryptohohohoho!

ALEXIS: Hahahahahahaha! I guess I can get used to this!

This was music to Krypto's ears, and he began giving Alexis extra sloppy and rough licks.

ALEXIS: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

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