Pluto was relaxing in his kennel room one day when a tart scent filled his nose, causing the dog to immediately sit up and look around to see who was there. Standing a few feet away from him was Larxene, who smirked and lifted an eyebrow when she looked at him.

LARXENE: Well, hello there, mutt. Surprised to see me? I've got a proposition for...

Before Larxene could finish, Pluto interrupted.


His slobbery tongue out and panting eagerly, the dog jumped toward Larxene. His paws pressed against her shoulders, and knocked her on her back.

LARXENE: Woah! W-wait a mi-!

Once again, Larxene was cut off, this time by Pluto's tongue smacking against her chin and moving up her face. Larxene couldn't even say anything as Pluto slowly dragged his tongue from her chin to her forehead, stretching out the skin of her forehead before slurping off in a giant spray of drool.

LARXENE: Eeeeeeeurgh! Hey! Knock it off! I was going to make an offer with you!

Pluto heard this just as he slapped his tongue against Larxene's cheek, lifting her skin up and forcing her eye shut as he looked at her in confusion, drool sliding off of his tongue and down her cheek as he waited to hear what she had to say.

LARXENE: Hmhmhmhm! Well, you know how fast I am, right? I'm as quick as lightning! But since I heard you're pretty fast yourself, I was wondering if you'd like to put your speed to the test against mine.

With a confident smirk on her face, the beautiful blonde Nobody leaned in closer.

LARXENE: You up for a chase, then?

Pluto slurped his tongue off of her cheek in a spray of drool then barked in acknowledgement, lunging forward to slap his tongue onto her other cheek and lift it up in a great torrent of drool.

LARXENE: Gah! Enough of this!

With that, Larxene took off like a shot, her athletic legs and electric power letting her flee at a great velocity. With an exited howl, the big yellow dog took off after her. Pluto's heart was racing as he charged after her; Larxene was fast, but he was faster! He poured on speed, eventually managing to come up behind her legs and chomping off one of her boots, much to her alarm.

Grinning mischievously he opened his mouth, his great tongue catching one of her feet and sliding from toes to ankle as he lifted off the ground. He heard Larxene squeak in surprise and she staggered, and Pluto seized his chance! With a loud bark, the dog knocked Larxene to the ground and wasted no time in smothering her flushed face in slobbery kisses. Each one sent another wave of drool down upon the Nobody, who was cringing in disgust. Each tongue-slap to her face lifted her cheeks up and pushed her eyes shut in sprays of drool.

LARXENE: N-no way! Aaaaaaaaaaaagh!

Pluto slapped his massive tongue across Larxene's whole face, slowly dragging it up from her chin to her forehead with agonizing slowness and lifting her cheeks and nose up before dragging onto her forehead, lifting the skin there up as well before finally slurping off of her in a spray of drool.

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