Toby starts sniffing the ground, catching the scent of someone who had just been there. Curious, the giant basset hound follows the trail, his nose pressed against the ground as he continues to sniff as he walks along. As he does, Basil is explaining.

BASIL: Toby has the most splendid sense of smell of any hound I've trained! But he can be, er, deucedly frisky, haha.

Toby stops at a curtained footrest where he can see a pair of knobby knees sticking out. He presses his nose against them and takes a whiff, pushing his head backward and looking astonished at how good this person smells. At this moment, Malina chooses to come out from behind the curtains. She looks nervous at first, but slowly a big smile forms on her face, and Toby matches it as he sits his head down to look at her.

MALINA: Hello, Toby!

Malina steps forward and pets Toby on the nose. Toby responds by happily sniffing her over, enjoying her scent. Malina jumps back at the ticklishness, then giggles and allows the dog to smell her.

MALINA: Silly doggy! Heehee!

Malina then gets an idea, looking up at Toby and smiling brightly.

MALINA: Would you like a crumpet?

Toby gets excited, tongue lolling out his mouth as he shakes his head vigirously. Malina pulls a cheese crumpet out of her pocket and holds it up in her hand to the dog. Toby's big pink tongue comes down and licks the crumpet right off Malina's hand with a loud slurping sound. Malina shuts her eyes as this happens, then looks back up to see Toby smiling widely as he swallows the treat. The dog smacks his lips and then licks them in satisfaction before panting back down at Malina.

MALINA: Heh! Did you like my taste more than the crumpet's?

She is answered by Toby giving her a big slobbery lick across her whole body, much to her delight.

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