Tea Mana
Two beautiful teenage girls entered Max's kennel room and the large sheepdog immediately recognized their scents from where he was. It was Tea Gardner the feisty dancer and Mana the spunky Dark Magician Girl! Both of them being here at the same time got Max panting in excitement, slobber streaming down his tongue as it hung out of his mouth. He then ran towards them both, knocking them over and giving both a sloppy kiss on their pretty faces.

TEA: Ahahahahaha! Heya, Max!

MANA: Happy to see the both of us together, boy? I'm sure it's wonderful for you!

Indeed it was, which Max demonstrated by giving Mana a full-face lick, his tongue pressing against her skin and drenching it in warm slobber. He immediately turned to Tea and did the same to her.

MANA: Heeheeheehahahahahaha!

TEA: Boy, we must taste good, right, Max?

Max nodded his shaggy head and grinned widely before licking his lips in response. Mana smirked as a mischievous twinkle glimmered in her eyes.

MANA: But I'll bet Tea tastes more spunky and divine!

TEA: Ohohoho, you sneaky-!

Tea couldn't even finish her sentence before Max's tongue was on her once more. This sent her into a giggling fit, while Mana pinned her down firmly with a blast from her scepter.

TEA: M-Manahahahahahahahaaa!

Max was licking every inch of the tomboy's skin that his thick, wet tongue could reach, leaving trails of slobber trickling down her cheeks, neck, arms, and legs.

MANA: That's it, Max! Yeah! Here, I'll help you out more!

With a wave of her wand, Mana caused Tea's shoes and socks to fly off, exposing her bare feet.

TEA: Eep! (teasingly as she wiggles her toes) Oh, I'm in for it now!

The words were hardly out of her mouth before Max slapped his tongue against her soles and moved upward slowly, his tail wagging happily as he did so.

TEA: Hehehehehehehehahahahahahahaha! Max, that tickles!

Max's tongue went further up Tea's legs, from her heels to her knees, slathering them in layers of drool.


Mana got a spell book out, and waved her wand as she read the magic words.

MANA: Doubilous Maximus!

She then thrust her wand toward Max, and created another synthetic replica of him. Both sheepdogs engaged in licking Tea all over her body, making her squirm and laugh uproariously.


Eventually the spell wore off and there was one Max again, who backed off to give Tea a breather. As soon as she could talk again, Tea turned to the dog and smirked.

TEA: That was a nice trick Mana pulled! I think she deserves some appreciation for it, don't you, boy?

The spellcaster's own smirk fell as she put up her hands.

MANA: Wait, hold on a sec-!

But in an instant Max was on her, his tongue pressed against her flushed cheek and lifting it up. He then pressed her down and picked up the pace, making her burst into laughter.

MANA: Pahahahahahahaha! Maaaax!

Tea picked up Mana's wand, which was dropped when Max charged her, and pulled the same trick Mana pulled on her, creating another Max.

TEA: Now you'll know what it feels like!


Her legs, her arms, her chin, her ears...everywhere the two dogs' tongues could reach, they licked. She waved and wiggled around, trying to push them off, with no success.


Soon there was just one Max again, who repeatedly licked Mana from chin to forehead.

MANA: Hahahahahahehehehehehehehehe! I love you too, boy!

TEA: And I love both of you, heheh!

She walked over to pet Max, who lifted his head and gave her cheek a slurp, before turning back to Mana and laid several kisses on her that left her face dripping with slobber.

MANA: Heeheeheehee! OK, OK, boy! Time to let me up now!

Max complied, and stepped back, as Mana sat up and wiped her face. The minute Tea was close enough, Max jumped at both girls, pressing both of them underneath his furry paws before slobbering all over their skin and clothing. The two hugged tightly as they laughed happily under their hairy slobbery friend.

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