Mars Slobbered
Mars, the young red-haired Team Galactic commander, has been arrested. A certain someone had suggested her sentencing, which was now being carried out. And so Mars finds herself shoved into a room in the kennel and locked in. The room belongs to Pluto, King Mickey's pet dog, who starts panting, eyes widening in delight, when Mars stumbles into view. Mars steps back in surprise.

MARS: Oh's you! Pluto! What are you doing here?

Pluto pants happily at his latest acquaintance, glad to see her here.

MARS: Uh...nice to see you again.

Mars awkwardly pets Pluto on the head. This earns her a slobbery lick on her cheek. The redhead grimaces as drool drips down her cheek while Pluto pants warm dog breath in her face. She sighed and rolled her eyes.

MARS: The feeling's pretty mutual, huh?

PLUTO: Yeahyeahyeah!

MARS: Well, at least you're here with me...

And the dog then jumped up and licked her whole face, from chin to forehead. This is enough to make her laugh.

MARS: Well, it sure is good to feel loved! Hee hee!

Pluto truly missed her divine taste, so he kept up these kisses of his, making her giggle all the more.

MARS: Pluto, stohohohohop!  You're getting me all wet! Hee hee!

But that was what Pluto wanted to do, so he kept going.  Mars tried to push him back with her hands, but he just started slurping those instead.  Shrugging and laughing, Mars allowed this.

MARS: Heheheh! My face is soaked, so might as well get the rest of me soaked too!

Pluto immediatley took her word and got straight to work, lifting her shirt up with his teeth and slurping her midriff, slobbering all over it.  Mars laughed and fell to her butt while Pluto continued his affectionate assault.

MARS: Hahahahahahaha!  Oh mahahahahahahahaaan!

Pluto's tail wagged rapidly as he took in her taste. He then pulled down her pants legging and licked her naked legs.

MARS: Geeheeheeheez, Pluto! You don't waste time, do you?

The dog shook his head before pulling Mars' boots off too, licking away at her bare feet.

MARS: Oh, Gohohohohohod! Not my feet!

She tried to pull them away, but Pluto placed a paw on her ankles, stopping her chances as he slurped up her heels and between her wiggling toes. Mars laughed hysterically with tears in her red eyes.


Finally, Pluto stopped and gave Mars time to breathe while he licked the tears from her cheeks in fondness.

MARS: Heeheeheehahahahaha! Easy, boy! Easy!

Pluto panted happily while Mars reached up and scratched him behind the ears.

MARS: You're such a great dog! Yesyouare! Yesyouare!

Mars then got a face full of slobber, courtesy of Pluto's enormous wet tongue. This got Mars in another laughing fit.

MARS: Ha ha!  I guess I'm not such a bad girl after all, if a mutt like you loves me so much!

Pluto agreed with her entirely.  So did Kairi, who was the one who had arranged this sentencing, and now walked into the room to fetch Pluto.  She was giggling as she gave the Team Galactic girl a warm, friendly smile.

KAIRI: Hi, Mars!  How'd you like your visit to the kennel?

MARS: It was one of the best times of my life!

KAIRI: Good, because I've signed you on here, so you'll get to have more times like it in the future!

MARS: Oh, joy! (Hugs Kairi) Thank you so much!

KAIRI: Hee hee! You're welcome!

Kairi hugs Mars back, then both redheads get knocked over by Pluto, who starts slobbering all over them. This gets both girls into laughing fits, and they both pat Pluto on the head as his wet tongue lifts up their cheeks.

BOTH: Oh, Pluto! Heeheeheehahaha! Your kisses work like a charm at making girls happy!

Music to Pluto's ears, Pluto gave each of their faces a big, sloppy lick.

MARS: Tehahahahahahahaha! Such a great dog!

KAIRI: Hehehe! You said it!