Adella, the perky, boy-crazy mermaid princess of Atlantica, had decided to take a page out of her sister Ariel's book and visit the surface. From behind a formation of rocks in the shallow end of the water close to the shore, she watched a beach party in total enthrallment, eyeing all of the cute teenage human boys with interest. She wish she could get kisses from them, but without being aware of it, one other boy would really be giving her kisses.

Max the sheepdog was in attendance with his master Prince Eric, jumping along the sand dunes happily, when suddenly he caught a scent and he stuck his nose in the air and began sniffing. Adella's scent was on the wind, and Max immediately put his nose to the ground and began to track it to its source. Adella was too distracted watching the boys to notice the dog until she heard the sound of loud panting behind her and felt warm, moist breath on the back of her neck.

ADELLA: Ulp! Uh-oh...

The pretty mermaid slowly turned her head behind her...and as soon as she did, she was immediately given a big lick in the face by Max, slobber pouring from his tongue as it slid up her cheek. Adella's eye was pushed shut as Max's enormous tongue dragged up her cheek, lifting up the skin before he slurped it off of her. Adella hit the ground on her back, looking up and smiling as she saw who it was. She laughed, happy to see Ariel's hairy, slobbery pal.

ADELLA: Hahaha! Hi there! I haven't seen you in a while! It looks like you found me! Hehe!

MAX: Woof Woof!

ADELLA: It's Max...right?

Max barked and threw his tongue down again, Adella's entire vision filling with the giant pink pillow as Max's tongue covered her entire face before he slowly licked her from chin to forehead. As he slurped his tongue off of her forehead Adella laughed, despite the drool that was dripping down her face.

ADELLA: Hahahahaha! Guess I was right!

And for getting his name correct, Max rewarded her with big slobbery kisses all over her face. Oddly enough, Adella was really enjoying this!

ADELLA: Grohohohohohohoss! But so soothing! Hahahahahahaha!

Adella grinned at her canine friend as she put her hands to her wet cheeks.

ADELLA: So how'd you know I was here, boy? You smell me out? Did ya, boy?

MAX: Woof!

Max started sniffing around Adella's attractive frame as though to tell her that he did indeed track her by her wondrous sea scent. Taking in the scent thoroughly made Max pant rapidly with excitement before bringing a flurry of affection-filled licks to her neck and shoulders.

ADELLA: HaHA! It's so gross..but I kinda missed it too!

Adella let Max lick her bare skin for a while, then gently nudged him back while chuckling to herself. She then leaned her face in closer toward Max's, ready for some more affection, smiling playfully.

ADELLA: I'm glad I have at least one boy at this party that I can talk to! Especially one who gives kisses like yours!

Taking Adella up on her apparent invitation, Max smothered her face with big tongue and poured on the dog-kisses. The pink slab brushed the lovely mermaid's cheeks, ears, nose, and forehead as the slobber poured out onto her upper body.

ADELLA: Kyhahahaha! I remember how much it tickled last time too!

Adella began rubbing both cheeks at once as she gazed on playfully at Max, giggling as he panted in her face. Max saw her gesture as a cue about what to do next, so he alternated licks on both of her cheeks so quickly that each barely had time to fall back into place before Max's dripping tongue pushed them up again.

ADELLA: Yeahahahahaha, that's it, boy! Work that tongue, work it!

Max licked faster at Adella's words of encouragement and started reaching the sides of her neck in addition to her cheeks with each loving lick.

ADELLA: Wahahahahahahahahahahaha! I love you too, boy!

And Max loved her too. To this, Max picked up the pace with his licking.

ADELLA: Hehehehahahahahahahahahahahaha!

After what seemed like hours of his slobbery assault, he finally backed up in front of Adella, panting heavily.

ADELLA: *giggling* I love your kisses a bunch! I think that every girl should get these kinds from such a good boy like you!

Max totally agreed with Adella's statement, and gave Adella a big lick across the cheek.

ADELLA: Awwwwwww! C'mere, boy!

Adella then approached Max and gave his shaggy body the biggest hug she could. Obviously, Max responded with affection of his own: a big, sloppy, friendly, full-face lick!

ADELLA: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Gooooood doggie!

Unable to control himself, while Adella was still hugging him, Max then knocked her down to the ground and began licking all over her body, coating it in a fresh layer of slobber.


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