Ariel surfaced onto a set of rocks in the ocean a short distance away from the beach, just knowing that Max was out for a walk by himself at this time of the day. Pursing her lips together, Ariel began to whistle "Part of Your World", the sound carrying across the wind along with her scent. When Max heard this tune, he froze to listen, then sniffed the wind to confirm that it was indeed who he suspected it was. Panting and barking joyfully, Max bounded through the waves straight at Ariel.

"Oh, Max! Small world, huh?"

Ariel chuckled, which grew even louder when Max arrived and jumped straight up at her, his tongue slapping against her cheek and lifting it upward in a friendly, slobbery lick.

"Ahahahahaha! OK, OK, easy boy!"

As Max smiled and panted at Ariel, she smiled back at him enticingly.

"Hey, y'know what? I've always wanted to know what it was like for humans when they wash their bodies. But I don't really have the chance to find out since I live underwater and therefore can't wash with it."

Ariel looked upward and tapped a finger on her cheek in sarcastic thought.

"Hmmmmmmm....I wonder if there's any other means of receiving some kind of full-body wash?"

Of course, the teenage mermaid knew exactly what other means there were, and was hoping Max would too.

"Hey...You think you can use that huge tongue of yours to wash me up?"

Max then dropped his tongue out of his mouth as a way to show it off, and began to pant heavily.

"Hehehe! I knew you would!"

Ariel then made sure that enough of her skin was exposed to be washed by Max's gargantuan tongue.

"Now let's see, tail: check. arms and neck: check check. Belly: double check. Face: Check, check and Triple check! Alright! Go right ahead!"

Ariel then shut her eyes as a way to prepare for what was about to come, even though it wouldn't work. Max then went straight to work, letting his tongue loose all over her whole body. Max decided to start with her back and the back of her shoulders and neck. He too had something he needed to know: "is Ariel's back just as ticklish as her front?" So, by slurping his tongue up Ariel's back, he was about to find out. And it turns out, it does! "Hahahahahahaha! That thihihihickles, Max!"

Max then continued to lick Ariel's bare back, his massive tongue practically engulfing it. Max then began to show Ariel that creatures on land wash behind their ears. This would normally be a challenge because of Ariel's hair, but Max knew a way around and gave each of her ears a big sweeping lick from neck joint to head. "Hehehehehehe! This feels so weird, but I love it!" Hearing this, Max sped up this treatment, which increased Ariel's laughter.

"Ahahahahaha!!! Mahahahahax!!!"

Having thoroughly soaked Ariel's neck, he moved down to below her cleavage, almost wrapping his large tongue around her waist line.

"Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! This feels sooo great!"

Max was just getting started, though. From there, he dragged his gigantic tongue up her bare midriff repeatedly.

"Woah! Tehahahahahahahahahahahaha!"

Max loved it when he was given a belly rub by his master, Prince Eric. So, he wondered how a mermaid like Ariel would feel if she got one. Even though his paws would be useful for something like that, Max found that his tongue was something better, so he kept up his slobbery belly rub.

"Hehehehehehehe! This feels so fun!"

Max then decided to make things a bit more interesting by repeatedly licking her from naval to bangs, leaving a long trail of slobber in their wake.

"Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!" "Keep it up Max, my tail is still dry."

Indeed, it was, but not for long. Just then, Max began to wipe his mattress sized tongue all over Ariel's tail, covering the scales on it with his slobbery affection.

"Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Keehehehehep it up!"

Max did just that. But, Ariel was about to regret what she said because as Max moved down her tail, coating it in glistening slobber, he went for her tail fins.


Max's tongue was rubbing against Ariel's tail fins at super speed, slobber being splattered everywhere as he did so.

"Ohohoho!!! Hahahahahaha!!! Mahahahahahax!!! Cut it out! I'm sohohohohohohohohked!"

That's what Max intended to do! So, Max kept soaking her with his sopping wet tongue, getting every last inch of her skin, the taste of which he just couldn't get enough of!

"HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! This thihihihihickles so muhuhuhuhuch!"

Max then began to intensify his licking, packing his licks with more force and slobber.

"Tehahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Sthohohohop! I mean it!"

Ariel should've known better, especially being the sheepdog's best pal: Max was hard to control when he was licking! So, despite what she said, Max continued to lap up Ariel's tasty skin, slobber continuing to fly all over the place.

"Awe-hahahahahaha! Who am I kidding? Come here, big guy!"

Ariel then gave Max one of her signature big hugs to her friendly sheepdog pal that she would usually give Flounder or any other of her sea pals. Max responded to this the best way he knew how: giving Ariel even more friendly licks across her entire face, the great big pink pillow that was his tongue spreading across it from cheek to cheek as he slurped it upward.

"Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Love you too, boy!"

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