Max Playing with Asuka
Max Slobbering Over Asuka
Asuka was humming softly to herself as she stepped out of the bath, dried off, and opened the door to her hotel room...only to shriek in alarm and stumble backward when she was Max standing in front of her, panting heavily.


ASUKA: Ach! Y-you pervertieren dog!

Asuka self-consciously wrapped both her arms around her exposed chest as she yelled at Max. The sheepdog barked again and then jumped at the redhead, making her jump back and attempt to softly kick him away.

ASUKA: No! Baka mutt! Go away!

But Max kept jumping at Asuka until he got a lick of her, his tongue landing on her bare shoulder and sliding all the way up the side of her face as it made a loud Ssssssslurp!

ASUKA: Pfui!

Asuka cringed, while Max licked his lips.

ASUKA: Can't you wait for me to get dressed and step outside before you make with the hundeschlabber?

Max's response was another slobbery lick, this one from her midriff to her forehead.

ASUKA: Heh. Ask a stupid question....

With one hand covering her chest, and her thighs squeezed tightly together, the irritated tsundere placed a hand upon Max's furry head and scratched his right gently, hoping it would calm him, but knowing it would likely just get him more excited. Sure enough, all this ended up doing was making Max pant louder and harder before giving Asuka's face another slobbery lick.

ASUKA: Aww..I can't stay mad at you, Max!

Asuka rested, allowing Max to lick her face for a few seconds. Max then pressed his tongue against her midriff area and licked all the way up her frontside, tongue slurping off at her auburn bangs.

ASUKA: Kyahahahah! This bath could be even better than the last one!

Upon a break in the action, the naked tsundere obtained a couple of towels from the rack in the bathroom, tying one around her long hair and the other about her torso. Just as she was finishing doing this, Max slurped his tongue across both of her bare feet, spreading slobber over each one of her toes.

ASUKA: Wha..hahahaha..Ma-ha-ha-ax!

Feeling the ticklings disrupt her balance, Asuka sat back down awkwardly, then extended her sexy left leg. Max licked his lips as he looked at the leg, and then slid his tongue across it, slurping off at her knee.

ASUKA: Hahaha! How's my freshly washed skin tasting?

Max replied with a bark, which was followed by him sticking out his slobbery tongue and using it to lick his canine jowls, which made a loud slurping sound. Another loud slurping sound was made when, after he finished licking his chops, Max licked Asuka's cheek slowly and roughly. Asuka laughed some more, then winked her eye and touched her wet cheek.

ASUKA: Thanks, mutt! That tongue of your's must make a great taste-tester!

Max licked her cheek one more time to show he had "great taste" in ladies.