Asuka Langley Soryu was grinning widely as she stepped onto the pier, dressed in nothing but her rather revealing yellow dress. She knew that Max was here today, and she wanted to give her sheepdog friend a chance to smell her out. Finding a large tarp nearby, Asuka quickly hid underneath it and waited for Max to catch her scent.

SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF! The amazingly good smell of Asuka's skin, which she was showing a lot of today, reached Max's nostrils, which flared as he inhaled in deeply. His tongue flopping out and panting excitedly, Max dashed across the pier and sniffed all along the ground, following Asuka's scent. He adored the feisty teenage tomboy, and he couldn't wait to give her his slobbery affection and taste her delicious pale flesh.

Soon, Max's nose pointed him straight at the tarp. Barking exuberantly, he bounded toward it and chomped down, tearing it away and exposing the long-legged, shapely-bodied girl hiding there.

ASUKA: Gah! Hahaha! Good boy, Max! Ya found me!


After barking in Asuka's face, Max gave her a big old lick, his tongue slurping across from the top of her chest to the bangs over her forehead. Large drops of slobber were sprayed from his tongue and fell upon Asuka in the process, making her scrunch up her face as she loudly chuckled.

ASUKA: Haha! Good to see you too, big fella!

Max continued with a heavy slurping upon Asuka's neck and right cheek and ear, his slippery tongue smoothly gliding up and through each time. Asuka grinned through this process, enjoying the feeling of the dog's warm slobber on her skin. Soon, she turned her head and allowed Max to do the same to her left cheek and ear.

ASUKA: Hehehe! Very good!

Max took her sharp German taste in happily. He felt a nice tap on his tongue with each lick from the tiny knot atop Asuka's dress-strap. Curious, he lowered his head to sniff the side of her sundress at a spot just above her left hip. Asuka smirked and began to whistle as she lifted the hem of her dress up, exposing her whole bare leg to the dog. She then braced herself for Max's reaction to this. Max's eyes lit up and his panting became faster, just before he moved his tongue around her entire ankle and licked up the side of her left leg, leaving a trail of drool on calf, knee, and thigh. 

ASUKA: Woohahahahahahaha! 

Asuka then turned and lifted the other end of her dress up, showing Max her right leg. Naturally, Max hopped over and tasted it. This time, he licked her sexy leg several times as drops of his slobber flew in all directions.

ASUKA: Khahaha! Very nice!

Asuka let go of her skirt, which flowed back down to her knee. Excited by the smooth motion, Max licked the pretty yellow dress up the right side, pressing his tongue against Asuka's thigh and hip in the process while more dog drool seeped through the thin fabric.

ASUKA: Mein Goht, even my dress tastes good to you, doesn't it?

Max nodded speedily before hopping high enough to lick the side of her dress again up through her bare shoulder.

ASUKA: Tehahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Now that tihihihickles!

Max then began licking her shoulders, which tickled even more to Asuka, not to mention drenching them in moist slobber.  Asuka's boisterous laughter increased when Max's tongue began licking below her neck, slurping away at the top of her chest.

ASUKA: Hahahahahahahahahaha! Stohohohohohop!

But Max didn't feel like stopping, as he just ignored her and kept slurping her up. Asuka was feeling tickled so much that she fell to her knees, and then onto her side as she held her stomach while laughing uproariously, all while Max continued to lick her from her chest to bangs again and again.


There was no stopping Max, of course, and just continued the process as more heavy slobber poured onto Asuka's lap and left side. Max then moved over and licked up Asuka's smooth back, getting more combined tastes of her dress and skin.


Max continued licking Asuka acrossed her exposed back again and again, unable to get enough of the taste.  A puddle of slobber began to form around Asuka, as she kicked her legs and pounded her fists on the ground while laughing her red-haired head off. Eventually, her shoes flew right off of her feet, exposing her smooth looking soles. Max noticed them, causing him to pant heavily. 

ASUKA: Hehehehehehehe...You alright, Max? 

The answer came in the form of Max's tongue sliding across her bare soles and toes repeatedly.


Max's massive tongue was forcefully lifting itself up Asuka's soft soles, a splash of slobber flying up into the air each lick that was given.  


Max soon started licking up Asuka's long, skinny but athletic legs as she jerked around uncontrollably. He just couldn't seem to stop, Asuka was so feisty that he could taste it! And it was a taste he wanted even more of! So, he picked up the pace, his massive tongue dragging up and down her long, thin legs.


Max noticed her face was slowly turning blue from laughing so hard, so he withdrew his tongue back into his mouth. Asuka was left flat on the ground in a big puddle of slobber, trying to catch her breath.

ASUKA: (breathing heavily) Whew...that was something else, Max...

Max then gave a friendly lick to Asuka's cheek, causing her to giggle.

ASUKA: Hehehehe! C'mere, you!

Asuka then wrapped her arms around Max's large, furry body, leaving him to lick Asuka's face.

ASUKA: Awe, I love you too, Max. Ich liebe dich.

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