Max was on one of his routine beach walks when he smelled it, one of his all-time favorite scents: the scent of Asuka Langley Soryu! Excited that the pretty redheaded teen was here on the beach, Max kicked up sand behind him as he followed the smell of tsundere straight to its source!


From where she was, Asuka heard the barking and knew exactly who was coming her way. Smirking, she chuckled and flipped a hand through her scarlet hair and struck a sexy pose.

ASUKA: Figures! I'm so unwiderstehlich, after all!

The moment Max reached his part-German friend, he jumped at her and lifted his slobbery tongue straight to her cheek. Splat! Slllllurp! Asuka grinned as she felt Max lick her, his abnormally large tongue leaving her once-dry skin very wet once it was through.

ASUKA: Hahahahaha! Verflixt! It's good to see you too, ya slobbery mutt!

The tomboy playfully nudged Max with her elbow as she said this, which prompted the dog to give her face another lick, his tongue travelling from her chin to her hairline this time.

ASUKA: Guess it's not a beach trip until I get wet, huh?

Max licked Asuka again, this time his tongue moving up her face much more slowly. Asuka gripped her side as it tingled from the resulting tickling sensation. 

ASUKA: Pahahahahahahahahahahaha!

A shower of slobber rained onto Asuka as Max's tongue retracted toward his mouth, licking his lips with it contently as he savored the exquisite taste of Asuka's skin. Panting briefly, Max then started licking Asuka's shoulder and neck, taking in more tastes of her skin. Asuka began to twist and turn in reaction.

ASUKA: Eeeheeheeeheeheeheehahahahahahahahaha!

Max then trotted over to Asuka's opposite side and with a loud Slurrp!, he licked her other shoulder and up through her cheek and ear, raining more drool upon her. Asuka was wearing a wide smirk now as she put a fist to her mouth while laughing now uproariously.

ASUKA: Khahahaha! Das Spaß!

Max moved his attention to Asuka's right and licked her hip and side. Asuka jerked a little, one leg bending upward behind the other in ticklish reaction. Seeing her legs move, Max looked over at Asuka's knees and panted with anticipation.

ASUKA: Oh no! Wait a minute now!

MAX: Woof!

Max started licking Asuka's right knee and thigh, first a few times fast, then a slower lick to take in the taste of her lovely legs.


Asuka fell over onto the ground, sandals flying from her feet as she did. Seeing her bare soles now exposed right in front of his furry face, Max pressed his drooling tongue against the sole of her right foot and applied a few licks to her heel and toes.


Max stepped over to the giggling tsundere's left side and paused momentarily as she regained control of her laughter.

ASUKA: Ohohohohoho! Oh wohohowhow! *whistles*

Max sharply rose his head at the sound of Asuka's whistle, then put his head to her midsection and licked the skin around her belly button, prompting her to start cackling hysterically and twisting her body around.

ASUKA: Kyihahahahaha! Th-i-i--i-i-s is ama-a-a-a-az-i-ng!

Finally, Max returned to where he started: Asuka's pretty face.  He swept his tongue across her flushed cheeks repeatedly, one cheek to another, a new trail of slobber left behind each time.

ASUKA: can be unpredictable, but I know your favorites!

Asuka's teasing earned her even more licks in response. Max's saliva dripped off Asuka's cheeks as Max continued rolling his tongue across her face.

ASUKA: Meheheheheheheh! Ew, yuhuhuhuhuhuhuck!

Seeing through the obvious tease, Max lifted Asuka's left cheek one with tongue one more time, giving her one more splash of slobber. Asuka wrapped an arm around Max, teeth gritted shut in a wide grin.

ASUKA: You may be slobbery, but man, do I love you!

Max tried emphasizing the slobbery part by slobbering all over Asuka's face.

ASUKA: Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Heck, it's one of the reasons that I love you!

Happy to hear this, Max gave her another full-face, slobbery lick.

ASUKA: Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Aw, c'mere, boy!

Asuka gave Max's shaggy body a big hug, with Max of course responding with affection of his own: A big, slobbery, friendly lick all the way up her cheek.

ASUKA: Hahahahahahahahaha! Oh myhehehehe!

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