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On a late summer night Asuna was outside laying in the grass her upper body laying into the ground. She was sleeping but rolled over onto her side a small cute smile present. Kirito had told her before to not just fall asleep in public but she couldn’t help it on such nice days.

Max suddenly saw a portal appear before his eyes and started to pant a smile forming. He could smell a scent coming from it that made him go insane. His tail started to rapidly wag side to side as he barked cheerfully. He then charged through the portal wanting to find what smelled so good. Max once going through found himself in Aincrad and looked around confused. He started to sniff and could smell the cinnamon scent being carried on the wind. He started to pant loudly as he ran towards the scent.

Asuna moved around a bit in her sleep, she was having another dream of her and Kirito in their home. It was her, him, and Yui. Kirito was pushing Yui on the swing as Asuna watched from the porch smiling joyfully. She loved the family time they had. Asuna rolled fully upwards her body up towards the sky. Her outfit had rolled up and her stomach was visible. She giggled lightly in her sleep but then went quiet again.

Max was still walking around sniffing for the scent when he came upon it. He saw a cute girl sleeping in the grass and a happy smile was on his face. He slowly walked up trying to be quiet. He then looked down and saw her sleeping face and found it cute. Once looming over her he suddenly lays his paws down on her shoulders as he slides his thick tongue up her cheek. Asuna laughed smiling in her sleep but didn’t seem to be waking up, for now at least. Max while laying down on top of her now licked his tongue up her cheek again going slower as his slobber splattered going all over her face. In her new dream Asuna had found a wolf and pulled out her sword ready to fight. What happened surprised her, it suddenly tackled into her knocking her flat on the ground then it laid directly on top of her and was licking away at her face. She smiled in her sleep and giggled loudly as she felt the realistic feeling slobber against her cheek as the wolf licked away at her flushed face. Max smiled and then seeing her neck was open due to her laughing plunged his tongue down onto it slobber splattering all along the front of her neck as he started to lick from above her cleavage to her chin fast. She suddenly awoke wide eyed and broke down laughing at the tongue. She wrapped her arms around Max as he licked away at her neck. Max happily kept on licking his tail going side to side as he slurped away at her cinnamon tasting skin. Asuna just laid there laughing herself into hysterics as she was licked by the tongue. Max kept up his assault for what felt like an hour before he barked smiling at her.

ASUNA: Woah That felt amazing... Can you please do it more?

Asuna giggled smiling as she leaned up a puddle of saliva dripping down her neck as she laughed loving the feeling. Max happy to oblige tackled her now and stuck his tongue to her stomach now noticing it and slowly slid it up her midriff.

ASUNA: Oh no! Not the-

She was cut off as she laughed outrageously loud as her most ticklish spot was smothered in slobber and she loved it. She was being drenched by the slobber on her stomach as it was in a thick layer over it. Max kept licking each fast lick sloshing his saliva around some dripping into her bellybutton as he licked. When she felt it drip down to her bellybutton she laughed louder her face flushed from laughing. The dog's tongue stopped as Max took another break panting.

Max smiled at her slyly as he barked at her, she expected him to start licking her and squealed bracing herself. After she did she giggled and suddenly Max jumped into her lap as she was leaning against the tree slobber still dripping off of her. In almost the same motion he slammed his tongue onto her cheek and lifted it up his tongue dragging it up as the slobber on it oozed down her face. Before she could react Max started to swiftly lick from her left cheek to her right cheek slobber dripping down the entire front of her face as she laughed. Max occasionally between the cheek licks was licking across her lips on the way only making her crack up more loving all of the wetness. As she was soaked more with each tongue stroke her laugh grew fainter and her smile enlarged.  

Minutes passed quickly and before Asuna knew it the bell tower in town went off letting her know its midnight. She giggled and pushed Max off slobber pouring down her.

ASUNA: S-Sorry.. I’ve gotta go. We’ll meet again!

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