Aurora was taking time between picking berries in the forest and practicing her twirling dance moves when she heard a loud rustling in the bushes.


The beautiful barefoot blonde gazed upon the shrubbery, inching her face closer and closer toward it curiously, until a large, wet black nose stuck through the leaves and began inhaling deeply, sniffing Aurora over, which brought a hand to her mouth in alarm.


And then a thick, pink slobbery tongue pushed its way through and splatted right against Aurora's cheek, lifting it upward in a tremendous lick. Aurora fell backward on her butt just as Max fully emerged from the bushes and barked a hello at her, tongue panting and tail wagging in excitement.

AURORA: (Gasp!) Max, it's you!

Aurora's eyes and mouth widened in sheer delight as she looked at her furry friend and his large lolling tongue, which was producing a great amount of slobber that rained upon her bare feet. Aurora showed a playful expression of disgust as she wiped her feet off, an expression she kept when the dog licked her cheek again, his tongue lifting the skin on it upward very slowly and leaving a slobbery stream in its wake.

AURORA: *teasingly* Eeeeewwwwww!

Aurora clapped a hand to her cheek, a wide grin spread across her face while Max leaned in and planted another equally wet kiss on her other cheek.

AURORA: Hahahahahaha! Oh, Max!

Her arms outstretched, Aurora willingly tilted backward and fell onto her back, grinning and allowing Max to lick her wherever he pleased.

AURORA: Go on, boy! Help yourself!

Max didn't mind if he did, and he started with a lick across Aurora's entire pretty face, from her chin to her lips to her nose to her forehead, his tongue slurping off in a big spray of saliva.

AURORA: Hahahahahahaha!

The happy sheepdog then licked her again, this time starting from her midriff area, which tickled her more.

AURORA: Heeheeheehahahahaha! Hoo hoo! It tickles!

Playfully, Max then started slurping her most ticklish spot of all, her dainty bare feet, his tongue sliding across her soles and between each of her wiggling toes.


The princess' eyes widened and her laughter increased as Max's tongue pushed the hem of her skirt upward, exposing her full legs which he proceeded to lick all over.

AURORA: Heeheeheeheeheeheehahahahahahahaha!

Aurora twisted and turned on the ground, her feet kicking around while her legs were slathered in slobber over and over again.

AURORA: Eheheheheheheh! Goohoohoohood boy, Max!

After a while, Max finally stopped to pant for a while, letting Aurora catch her breath.

AURORA: Good dog, Max! Very good dog!

Max barked in agreement then swung his tongue out again, slapping it onto Aurora's cheek. Aurora squealed again as Max dragged his tongue up her face, lifting her cheek up and pushing one of Aurora's eyes shut, tilting her head to the side. The pretty blonde pressed her hands against Max's face and tried to push him backward, only to feel the sheepdog's tongue lapping at her palms and fingers, tickling her more.

AURORA: Heeheeheeheehahahahahahahaa!

Soon Max's tongue returned to Aurora's beautiful face, swiping up it repeatedly and drenching it in slobber, Aurora laughing loud and proud each time her pale cheek was pushed upward.

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