Bianca was running through the streets in a frenzy, pursued by the very large and very exuberant sheepdog Max. The ditzy blonde teenager had no idea what the dog wanted with her, but she wasn't taking any chances. This was just fine with Max, who loved the thrill of the chase.

Eventually, Bianca made it to the edge of town and stopped to pant in exhaustion. But very soon, he panting was drowned out by Max's even louder panting, which made her jump and make a comical face of alarm. In fear, Bianca tried to find the nearest ally way and darted right into it.

BIANCA: Oh...I hope he doesn't find me in here...

But Bianca was wrong, as Max still had her scent right in his nose. Finding where she was, Max peeked his head through the alleyway, seeing Bianca at the very end of it, with her back pressed against the wall.

BIANCA: Eek! He found me!

MAX: Woof Woof!

With Max locked on to his target, he rushed down the alley, straight towards Bianca!

BIANCA: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Stooooooooooop!

Max didn't relent, as he only kept charging, with his thick tongue hanging out of his mouth.

BIANCA: Hwaaaaah!

Bianca tried to brace herself by shielding herself with her arms. Max jumped straight at her, pushing her arms down with his paws, and planted his drooling tongue right on Bianca's face with a splat! In one great motion, Max gave her face a wet, friendly lick.

BIANCA: W-wha...?

To Bianca's suprise, the large sheepdog wasn't hurting her, but in fact licking happily at her face! Relieved, Bianca let out a fit of girly giggles.

BIANCA: Hehehahahahahahahahaha! Ok, good, you're friendly...phew...

Bianca then patted Max on the head, with Max then retracting his head and slurped up her hand.

BIANCA: Hehehehehehehe! What a good boy you are! Yesyouare! Yesyouare!

Bianca proceeded to wrap her arms around a panting Max, with him only to drag his thick, slobbery tongue up her cheek.

BIANCA: Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Good dog! Hey, I know! Wanna grab a Castelia Cone and head to the Castelia Park? It'll be fun!

Max, agreeing with this idea, began panting, placed his big paws on Bianca's stomach, and slurped her cheek.

BIANCA: Hahahahahaha! Alrighty, let's go!

MAX: Woof Woof!

After having her ice cream cone at the park, and giving Max the last of it, Bianca was ready to have some real fun with this dog. Taking out a stick, she threw it far for Max to fetch.

BIANCA: Go wide, boy!

As Bianca threw it a great distance, Max went right after it, and caught it perfectly in his mouth.

BIANCA: Woah, nice job boy!

Max then wagged his tail at the complement. He then proceeded to lumber back over to Bianca and dropped the stick right in front of her, sitting and panting happily as always.

BIANCA: You wanna go again?

Max had something else in mind, however. Still panting, Max then proceeded to pounce straight at Bianca, while she was sitting on a bench.


With all his mighty weight on top of her, Max then gave Bianca a bunch of drool-covered, playful licks up the cheek, followed by a loud slurping noise.

BIANCA: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I figured you wanted to play more with me than fetch!

Bianca wiggled around and laughed her head off as Max licked her without stopping.

BIANCA: Tehehehehehehehehehehehe! I love you too, boy!

And Max loved Bianca! And he proved this he began to give her slow, long licks extending from her arms to her cheeks!

BIANCA: Woaohohoho, boy! That tickles!

As Max continued to give Bianca this treatment, her shoes eventually flew off her feet after kicking her feet around in ticklishness. Bianca then gave a nervous grin once she noticed Max sniffing her exposed feet.

BIANCA: Hehehe...Uh-oh...

And a moment later, Max unleashed his tongue onto Bianca's feet, lapping them up with great force and speed.


Bianca was kicking like crazy from how much the licks to her feet tickled, which prompted Max to hold her feet down in order to lick them some more.


Max didn't hear Bianca however, as he was too busy gorging himself with the taste of Bianca's cute little feet.


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