Max was playing around by himself in his kennel room when he suddenly inhaled a whiff of an unfamiliar, yet lovely scent. Stopping, he lifted his head up and sniffed in deeper. The scent belonged to a green-haired, drop-dead gorgeous teenage girl named C.C who had wandered in by herself in curiosity. Panting up a storm, Max immediately took off running straight toward the smell's source. Upon seeing the giant sheepdog coming straight at her, she had a surprised look on her face.

C.C: What the....oof! Who was that...?

The next thing C.C knew, she was lying flat on her back with Max on top of her, slapping his wet tongue against her cheek. As this continued, C.C.'s face went from a look of shock, to a look of delight.

C.C: My, it seems you certainly know how to treat a lady! Hehe!

Eventually, C.C broke out into a fit of girlish giggles and lightly pushed Max back.

C.C: Hey now, easy there, boy! Don't get too carried away!

This just made the dog slurp at her dainty hands, his tongue drenching them from fingers to palms. C.C chuckled and then lay her face down against his, caressing his warm fur. Max panted heavily as she did this.

C.C: Good boy, good boy. I do enjoy your affection, but just be more gentle with it, OK?

Max responded with a big slurping lick up the underside of C.C's chin. She grinned goofily as the dog's tongue left her skin with a smack sound, slobber all over her face.

C.C: All right, it seems "gentle" just isn't your style! Heehee! That's alright then! You can keep going if you wish to.

Glad to hear it, Max gave the girl a great lick from her midriff to her forehead.

C.C: Hahahahahahaha! Man, that tickles so much!

Max began to playfully give her more such licks in response, dragging his tongue slowly and throuoghly up and down everywhere. C.C slapped the ground as her laughter increased in pitch and volume. This just made the lovable mutt slurp at her hands, soaking them completely. He then turned his attention to her bare feet.

C.C: *teasingly* Oh, ho ho, no! Don't even THINK about it!

Too late, he already had! He fastly lapped up and down both her soles repeatedly, along with her wiggling toes, making the green-haired beauty laugh her butt off.

C.C: Teeheeheehahahahahahahahaha! C-Cut it out, you silly dog!

Max moved his drooling tongue straight up C.C's leg, which only increased her laughter.

C.C: Nohohohohoho! Noooohohohohohohoooo! That's enough now!

But it was never enough for Max! C.C, knowing now that it would be pointless to try and stop him, she just layed flat, pressed by her new furry friend as he continued to lick her everywhere his slobbery tongue could reach. C.C rolled her eyes and smirked.

C.C: Heheheheheheh! Oh all right, help yourself.

And that's exactly what Max did.

C.C: Ohohohohohohohoho my!

Max was lapping up as much of her exposed skin as he could, covering it all with his slobbery love.

C.C: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

At some point, Max had returned to her soles, slurping both of them in rapid succession.


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