One a bright, sunny day in Eterna Forest, treasure hunter and Pokemon trainer Cheryl was walking through, doing her daily honey searching. But Cheryl couldn't help but embrace how beautiful Eterna Forest was, especially on a day like this.

CHERYL: Wow, I never took a moment to stop and see how beautiful Eterna Forest was!

Meanwhile, big sheepdog Max also walking through Eterna Forest as well, smelling the flowers. However, another scent came into his nose, and it wasn't the flowers, but something better: a girl! This of course got Max riled at the thought of it and soon charged towards the source.

As Cheryl continued to admire the scenery, she suddenly heard loud barking some distance away, causing her to jump.

CHERYL: Woah! What could that be!? I guess it must be a stray Growlithe or something...

She then shrugged and just continued to search for honey. Little did she know, Max was still hot on her tail! When he was finally upon her, she jumped again and stumbled in alarm, falling into some stray vines and becoming entangled in them.

CHERYL: Aw, no! Not this again!

Max then barked at Cheryl to get her attention.

CHERYL: Oh...Hello there...

Max then approached Cheryl and proceeded to give her cheek a big, friendly lick to cheer her up.

CHERYL: Hehehehe! That's very sweet of you! Good dog! Now, mind if you can get me out of here, boy?

Max wasn't intending on doing that however, seeing as how a beautiful girl to lick is right in front of him. So, he just continued to lick her face.

CHERYL: Hehahahahahahaha! Cut that out!

As Max continued to lick Cheryl, the vines became slightly looser from Cheryl shaking from how much Max's licks tickled. This eventually led to her falling to the ground. Max took the opportunity to pin her down to the ground and continued licking her.

CHERYL: Tehahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Stohohohohop! Thahahahat tickles!

Max couldn't contain himself, however! This girl just tasted so good! In fact, he could even taste some honey on her skin! It was just so addicting!

CHERYL: Hehahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I must still have some honey on me from my last trip! Is it yummy?

Max answered Cheryl by giving her honey soaked hands a flurry of big slurping licks.

CHERYL: Hehahahahahahaha! I know, right? I can't get enough of it myself!

Neither could Max, and continued to lick her, his tongue being enamored by the taste of her skin and honey.

Even after all the honey had been licked off, Max still found Cheryl's skin to be tasty by nature.

CHERYL: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Such a good doggie you are! Yesyouare, yesyouare!

She then began to vigorously ruffle Max's furry head, with Max responding by licking both her hands as she did.

CHERYL: Tehahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

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