Crysta 9
Sniff sniff sniff!

Max sniffed all across the rainforest in search of a certain fairy, the fairy girl he had found and befriended earlier, Crysta. When her scent at last reached his nose, he began to bark loudly, alerting the tiny tomboy to his presence and making her jump in surprise.

CRYSTA: (Gasp!) Max!

The pretty black-haired fairy, who as always wore nothing but a skimpy red two-piece attire, grinned as she flew over to the giant sheepdog, who began panting heavily at the sight of her, slobber oozing from his tongue as he did. Knowing what was coming, Crysta squeezed her eyes shut.

Slllurp! Max's tongue pressed against Crysta's tiny body and lifted her upward as it swept across her, leaving her soaked and dripping wet from her forehead to her bare toes.

CRYSTA: Ahahahaha! Couldn't keep away, could you? Bet I just smell too nice!

Crysta playfully smirked and stretched her arms as she said this, flashing Max a spunky wink. SLLLLURP! The next lick Max gave Crysta was even rougher and wetter than the last one!

CRYSTA: Oooh! Woahahahahahahahaha! Settle down there, boy!

But Max wasn't gonna settle down anytime soon, and gave her a few more great big licks.

CRYSTA: Hahahahahahahaha! OK, OK, I love you too, big guy!

Max barked in response and continued licking her, Max's massive tongue (especially for Crysta's size) knocking Crysta around.

CRYSTA: Whoa! Hahahahahaha!! That's one strong tongue you got there, Max!

Max held said tongue in front of Crysta for a moment before slapping it onto her body, dragging it up slowly.

CRYSTA: Hahahahahahahaha! You silly doggie!

Crysta proceeded to hug Max's big furry face. Of course, Max responded to this by shaking her off and giving her yet another gigantic lick.

CRYSTA: Eeeheeheeheeheeheeee! Wow! Forgot to mention how quick you were with your tongue!

Hearing this, Max gave Crysta's extra small body a quick barrage of licks, tossing Crysta around with each lick.

CRYSTA: Hahahahahahaha! Alright, settle down!

Max appeared to not be stopping anytime soon however, and just kept at it, pounding Crysta with his huge pink mattress of a tongue in rapid succession.


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