Cynthia, the beautiful, blonde and curvaceous Champion of the Sinnoh region, had heard of this place called the kennel and resolved to meet all the dogs kept there, excited to see them. Her first visit was to Max the sheepdog's room, and what a start it was indeed.

The moment Max got a whiff of Cynthia's perfume-like scent as she entered the room, he could tell that she was something special. His huge tongue hanging out of his mouth, the dog began barking loudly and excitedly before jumping at Cynthia, knocking her to the ground. Cynthia laughed in surprise at the sheepdog's excitement.

CYNTHIA: Woah! Hahahaha! Easy, boy, easy! Down!

Cynthia half-heartedly held her arm out to stop Max from tackling her, but to no avail. She laughed as she felt the dog's wet pink slab of a tongue press against her cheek and slurp upward in a spray of slobber.

CYNTHIA: My, aren't you an energetic dog! Just what I like! Tehe!

Max barked as a thank you. He simply loved the taste of this Champion, and wanted more! Before Cynthia could get up, Max took the opportunity to sweep his slobbery slab of a tongue straight up her cheek.

CYNTHIA: Hehehehehehehehe! Well, I can tell you just love my taste. Isn't that right, boy?

Indeed it was! To prove this, Max placed his heavy paws on Cynthia's chest and unleashed a flurry of licks onto her cheek.

CYNTHIA: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! OK, OK, I love you too!

But Max wasn't stopping any time soon, as he only kept up with his licking.

CYNTHIA: Tehahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Cuhuhuhuht that out, that tickles!

With each slurp from her chin to her forehead, Max tilted Cynthia's head even farther back, and drenching her flushed face in even more slobber.

CYNTHIA: Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe! Stohohohohohop!

After a while, Max noticed that Cynthia's face was beginning to turn blue, so he backed away and let her breathe for a moment.

CYNTHIA: (heavily breathing) Hehehe...t-that was...intense, boy...

Max then barked and panted, his large tongue still oozing slobber.

CYNTHIA:Hmhmhm! I can tell you like Champion girls, don't you, boy?

To reply, Max let out a booming bark and gave a big friendly lick up her cheek.

CYNTHIA: Hahahahahahahahaha! This is the treatment all champions should get, too!

Undoing her jacket, Cynthia deliberately exposed her bare shoulders to give the dog more of her to lick.

CYNTHIA: You want some of this, boy? Do ya?

Max would do anything to lick shoulders like hers! Immediately, Max began licking them like they were two lollipops, covering them entirely in slobber.

CYNTHIA: OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO! Man, you clearly don't hold anything back!

No he didn't, which he showed even more as he somewhat accelerated his licking.

CYNTHIA: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Wanting more then just the taste of her shoulders, Max then tackled her to ground and began slurping up more of her body, including her champion-worthy feet once he chomped her boots off.


Max decided to expand his licking to Cynthia's fantastic legs, giving them each a thorough licking up and down.

CYNTHIA: Tehahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! My legs are great too, aren't they?

Max couldn't agree with her more, as he gave each one the slobberiest, biggest, friendliest lick to prove this, making them jerk and wriggle in reaction.

CYNTHIA: Ohohohohohohohohoho I was right!

But her legs weren't the only great tasting thing on her body! Max proceeded to move up Cynthia's body with his slobbering, specifically to her tiny midriff.


Max then went faster with his licking, with tongue acting as windshield wipers.


After getting the majority of her body soaking wet, Max then began slurping up her champion-worthy feet once more.


Max still wasn't satisfied, however, and only kept licking her feet.


After what seemed like hours of this treatment, Max then stepped back, panting as she began to stand up.

CYNTHIA: (breathing heavily) Whew...that felt...really fun!

But that was pretty much a warm up for Max, as he wasn't done yet! And before Cynthia knew it, Max pounced right onto her again and began slurping every bit of exposed skin there was on her body, causing exceptional tickling to Cynthia.

CYNTHIA: Ohohohohohohohohohohoho! Guess you're not done yet boy!

He certainly wasn't! And so, Max focused more on slurping up Cynthia's gorgeous face, causing her cheeks to bounce as he dragged his towel-like tongue all the way up it.

CYNTHIA: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Good boy!

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