When Prince Eric was on a visit to Eraklyon, he left his sheepdog Max to his own devices for awhile. As Max was happily bounding through the kingdom's streets, he suddenly caught a whiff of a familiar scent. Sniff sniff! His nostrils flared as he recognized the smell of Princess Diaspro! His big tongue lolling out as he panted, Max dashed off to find the girl, who was like family to his master and thus an object of affection for Max as well!

Diaspro was in a side alley window-shopping when she heard the barks. She frowned and narrowed her eyes as she listened more closely.

DIASPRO: Huh? That sounds like....oh! Oh no! 

Seeing Max charging straight towards with his tongue flopping out, Diaspro broke into a sprint as she was chased down the street.

DIASPRO: NO! Bad dog! Get away from me!

Max wouldn't hold back however, as he continued to chase her full speed. As the chase continued, Diaspro was about to pass by an alleyway, which she thought was a perfect place to hide from Max. So, she quickly entered the alleyway...but to her horror, found that it was a dead-end with no hiding places in it at all! She spun around to find the large sheepdog jumping at her, paws slamming on her shoulders and pressing her up against the wall. Her left eye was forced shut as Max's thick, drooling tongue pressed against her left cheek and slowly lifted it upward.

DIASPRO: Eeeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuch!

Max continued to lick her face repeatedly, drenching her face and the wall with his wet love.

DIASPRO: Yuck! Stop it this instant! I command you!

But Diaspro's authority wasn't stopping Max, as he only kept slurping up her face.

DIASPRO: Ooooh, you-you mutt!

After a while, Max stopped and began to rather loudly lick his lips, enjoying the royal taste of the princess. Seeing this, Diaspro nervously grinned and scooted back a little.

DIASPRO: OK, boy...I think that's enough...

Ignoring Diaspro's favor, Max pounced back on top of her and gave her another round of love-filled licks.

DIASPRO: Agh! No! Stop!

Still, Max only piled on lick after lick onto her face. It was at this point Diaspro was unable to keep a straight face, due to how much it tickled.

DIASPRO: Hehehe! Cuhuhut that out! Please!

As Max continued to lick Diaspro, she soon let out girly laughter.

DIASPRO: Tehahahahahahahahahaha! OK, OK, I love you too! Just get off of me!

Then, Max obediently got off of Diaspro and gave her face one last slurp, and just sat in front of her while panting heavily from the onslaught of licks.

DIASPRO: Hehehe! You know, your kisses were a little unpleasant at first, but soon they felt like what a royal girl like me should be given! The highest affection is the highest flattery, after all!

Max replied to this complement by giving her cheek a few sloppy licks.

DIASPRO: Ehehehehehehee! Oh, Max! Good boy! (Rubbing her cheek)

Diaspro then got up and looked at Max, grinning happily.

DIASPRO: Do you want to go for a walk with me, boy?

Max responded to this with a loud bark and a flurry of licks to her face.

DIASPRO: Tehahahahahahaha! OK, OK, let's go! Come along now!

The princess skipped along daintily through the streets to her castle, Max following in her wake, until they reached a solitary room at the castle.

DIASPRO: Alright, Max, this is my solitary room! Wanna play with me in here?

Max barked happily in response and placed his paws onto Diaspro's chest, giving her a few friendly licks to the face.

DIASPRO: Hahahahahaha! Alright, let's get started!

The two started their little play date with Diaspro using her magic to make toys for Max, which Max enjoyed playing with. However, he didn't enjoy them as much as he did licking Diaspro! So, the two engaged in yet another chase around the room.


Max couldn't help himself, however, and just continued to chase her around the room. Eventually, Diaspro grew tired and began to slow down, which gave Max the chance to tackle her to the ground and begin roughly licking her delicate cheek, making it bounce each time his slobbering tongue swept off of it. 

DIASPRO: Tehahahahahahaha! Oh, Mahahahax! Good boy! Good boy! 

As Max continued to give her his kisses, Max noticed her bare legs. So, he went over to them and dragged massive tongue all over them. 

DIASPRO: Ohohohohohohohohohoho my, Max! 

The force of his tongue caused Diaspro's slippers to fall off, exposing her bare soles. Once he saw them, he stopped licking Diaspro's legs and began to pant. 

DIASPRO: Ooooooh no you don't, you silly dog! Those are extremely ticklish! 

Despite this, Max proceeded to lick them anyways, slobber flying all over the place as he dragged his tongue all over them. 


Max then stuck his face back up toward Diaspro's, giving her another slow, warm lick on the cheek.

DIASPRO: Hahahahahahahaha! Woah! My goodness!

Max continued licking Diaspro's face, her laughter being muffled by Max's gargantuan tongue.

DIASPRO: Mphmphmphmphmphmphmph! Stohohohohop!

Max wasn't stopping anytime soon however, and kept smothering Diaspro's pretty face in his big pink pillow of a tongue, Diaspro flailing wildly as he did.

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