Kallen Kozuki grinned to herself as she escorted her prisoner, the Britannian princess Euphemia, along a hallway. Euphie was pouting and squirming the whole way through, but held firmly by Kallen as they walked further and further down.

EUPHIE: Grrrr! Miss Kallen! Where are you taking me?

KALLEN: Oh, you'll see soon enough, Doll Princess!

EUPHIE: Doll Princess? H-how dare you!

Chuckling, Kallen finally reached a door and roughly shoved the princess through it. Euphie stumbled a little, then tried to look around in order to see where she was. But she couldn't figure it out until she heard barking.


As it turns out, Euphie was in the kennel room of Max, a large sheepdog who was quite familiar with her. She yelped in surprise when she saw him lumbering toward her, slobber gushing from his tongue as it flopped out of his mouth, and held her hands out in front of her.

EUPHIE: Max! No, wait!

But Max didn't stop, jumping at Euphie and felling her to the ground.  Euphie's eyes widened as she saw Max's tongue flying right at her.  Smack!  The dog dragged his tongue slowly up her pretty face, drool trailing across it in its wake. Euphie gasped, while Kallen cracked up laughing.

KALLEN: Atta boy, Max!

EUPHIE: Grrrr! Stop it this instant, Kallen!

KALLEN: Hehehehehe! I can't! It's just so fun to watch!

As Max treated Euphie to another big lick up her cheek, she soon got a smile on her face and started giggling.

EUPHIE: Hehehe! Well, I guess it is kinda fun...

Max licked his lips loudly, which made Kallen laugh even more.

KALLEN: The Doll Princess is delicious, ain't she, boy?

The sheepdog nodded exuberantly, while Euphie blushed and flinched a little.

EUPHIE: K-Kallen!

Euphie could barely finish shouting at Kallen before Max's warm tongue landed on the center of her face and slid along her little nose as a splash of saliva flew in several directions. The princess cringed, her lips puckered in a rather comical expression as Max's tongue swept off her forehead.

EUPHIE: Oooooo!

Finding the doll princess's expression cute, Max licked at her face a few more times, before resting and panting as some drool dripped off of his jowls and onto her midsection and lap. Though concealed behind a mask of gray fur, Max's eyes lit up with excitement.

KALLEN: Hey, Max! I'll bet that dress of her's is as tasty as her skin!

This remark made Euphie yelp and she shook her head wildly as she stared at her captor.

EUPHIE: Oh no, Kallen! Don't encourage him!

Liking Kallen's suggestion, Max started sniffing the fluffy pink and white gown that Euphie was wearing before pressing his tongue against the skirts and lapping at it several times, followed by a hard lick up the left side of her dress, leaving a visible trail of slobber on it.  This began to tickle Euphie, and she threw her hands to her mouth as she began to giggle hysterically.

EUPHIE: OH! Ahahahahaha! Weeheeheeheeheehahahahahaha!

Max licked up Euphie's ticklish side 3 more times, then stepped in and started licking the center of the bodice as more dog drool poured into her lap and soaked into her dress. The giggling pink-haired princess looked down to see how damp her gown was getting only to have her face met with Max's tongue again.

EUPHIE: Hahahahahaha! Oh, Max! You're so playful with your kisses!

KALLEN: Sure is? Now why don't you give Euphie more of those kisses, Max?

Max was more than happy to do so, and proceeded to give her another round of licks, his large tongue slapping onto her face repeatedly.

EUPHIE: Ohohohohohohohoho! Easy there, boy! Eheeheeheeheeasy!

Max stepped back briefly to grant Euphie's request as she breathed a sigh of relief, then dove back again and planted his tongue right back on her face, then moved down slightly to tenaciously lick her shoulder sleeve, and neck.  This made the princess squeal with laughter.  Kallen laughed too, then eyed Euphie's long, skinny legs protruding from her dress, and a devilish grin crossed her face.  She walked over to where the princess and the dog were, casually whistling to herself. Hearing the light whistle, Max turned to Kallen to see her signalling at the pink-haired princess's legs. Euphie looked confused briefly but then saw what was happening and attempted an objection.

EUPHIE: Kallen, no, I..!

Too excited to hold back, Max licked at the hem of Euphie's skirt to push it back, then licked her delicate petticoats a few times, pushing them back as well before finally landing his tongue on her left knee and thigh.


Euphie's eyes widened as Max's tongue swept all the way down from her knee to her ankle, slurping off of it for only a second before it slammed back upon her knee and repeated the process.


KALLEN: What, Euphie? Sounded like you wanted to say something to me!

EUPHIE: Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Shuhuhut up!

KALLEN: Sorry Euphie! I can't hear you over all the giggles!

Euphie tried to tell her "I said" but turned back to her tickled laughter as Max started loudly slurping at her right leg, giving it the same treatment as the left.

EUPHIE: I saaa-aaaaahahahahahahahaha! 

KALLEN: Can you repeat that, Doll Princess?

EUPHIE: Grrrrrrrrrr! K-Kalleeeeen!

Euphie was so furious with Kallen, she just angrily huffed and ignored her, Max still licking away at her pretty face. Kallen, still chuckling to herself, made her way over to the princess and wrapped a friendly arm around her shoulders. Euphie, still being licked, sighed to herself before smiling warmly back at Kallen.