Max was trotting around in his spacious kennel room when he heard a loud whistle and a familiar voice call out his name: the tomboyish voice of Japanese teenager Kallen Kozuki.

KALLEN: Oh, Maaaaaa-aaaaaax! Here, boy!

Max bounded over to Kallen in a flash, jumping up and licking her cheek excitedly. Kallen laughed and pushed the sheepdog off her before eagerly grinning at him.

KALLEN: You know why I'm here, right? You know who I want you to find?

This question got the sheepdog panting loudly and happily, as he had a good idea what the answer was going to be. And sure enough...

KALLEN: The Doll Princess! Hahahaha!

Max barked in excitement, stomping around on the ground as Kallen did her best to rile him up even further.

KALLEN: Yeah, remember her? With the flowing pink hair, and dazzling blue eyes, and flawless porcelain skin? Not to mention some fine legs under that big ol' dress of her's!

Max rapidly nodded his head while panting up a storm.

KALLEN: Hehehe! I knew you would. Now here, sniff this: it's a piece of Euphie's dress I found.

Max gave the piece of pink, smooth cloth a thorough sniffing, and started barking, almost immediately getting Euphie's scent.

KALLEN: So, you got her scent, boy? 

Max rapidly nodded once again.

KALLEN: Great! Now go get 'er, boy!

Barking loudly, Max bounded off in search of the plucky pink-haired princess, Kallen following close behind.

Meanwhile, Euphemia had been relaxing near a lake not too far from the kennel, dipping her toes into the water. However, this was interrupted by a loud booming bark from Max, startling her.

EUPHIE: Ehehehehe...that barking sure sounds familiar!

And Euphie was right, as she soon saw Max bounding over to her.

EUPHIE: Oh! Greetings, Max!

Smiling politely, Euphie lifted her arm and began waving to the sheepdog. Max saw her waving arm and charged toward her tackling her to the ground. then, he unleashed his mighty tongue onto her face.

EUPHIE: OH! Hahahaha! Well, it's nice to see you too!

With his paws on her shoulders, Max gave the beautiful doll princess several big licks through her neck, face, and forehead as heavy drool splashed about.

EUPHIE: Eeheheheheheheheheheheheh! Stop it, Max! You're getting my dress all wet!

Max made a quiet "Hrm?" sound showing his curiosity. Stepping off her shoulders, Max stepped around to Euphie's left side and started excitedly sniffing her fluffy skirt. He then licked the side of her dress several times as several big drops of dog slobber splashed into her lap.

EUPHIE: Hahahahahahahahaha! Oh, no matter! You can keep licking it if you want!

And Max did just that, slurping up Euphie's pretty, silky smooth dress, drenching it in one layer of slobber after the other.  Kallen chuckled as she walked closer to the princess and the dog.

KALLEN: Atta girl, Euph! You're getting a lot better at handling this! 

EUPHIE: Heheheh! Well, he does this to me a lot anytime he sees me! 

KALLEN: Yeah, that's true! 

Out of nowhere, Max tackled Euphie and effectively pinned her down. Once he did so, he immediately began slurping up her pale cheeks.  One of Euphie's eyes was squeezed shut in the process, while the other kept itself fixed on Max as the princess laughed pleasantly.

EUPHIE: Ahahahahahahahahaha! Oh, Max!

After several more messy licks, Max stepped back onto Euphie's lap and allowed her to sit up. She gently scratched him behind his ear. He smiled and closed his concealed eyes for a few seconds, then licked her chest, neck, and face, spraying more sloppy drool onto her.

EUPHIE: Hahahahahahahaha! This may feel wet, but it's still fun!

That's what Max wanted to hear, and proceeded to drench her dress and face in even more slobber.

EUPHIE: Tehahahahahahahahahahaha! Oh, Max, you're too kind!

Euphemia fanned herself with a hand playfully as she said this. Max noticed that this gesture was playful, and gave her a few more big licks to her cheeks.

EUPHIE: Hahahahahaha! I love you too, Max!

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