Misty was in a devious mood when she came to visit Max in the kennel. After Max greeted her with a few wet licks across her cheek.

MISTY: Tehahahahaha! Good boy...Now, I got something for ya!

Max gave a curious "Aro?". He suddenly grew excited, thinking it was gonna be a girl. Misty took out a photograph and showed it to the sheepdog. It was of a remarkably beautiful young girl with long brown hair and wearing a fancy school uniform. Max was panting already at the sight of it.

MISTY: This is Giselle, top of her class at Pokemon Tech school. Not only does she have good grades, but a nice, thin body to slobber all over too! She likes to act so naughty all the time, which I know you like girls who act like that, and she beat me in a Pokemon battle recently. Now I want to get a little revenge! Slobbery revenge!

Max began barking up a storm at this brilliant idea. Max was more than ready to begin!

Taking out a discarded "A++" test paper with Giselle's scent all over it, Misty held it to Max's nose and started speaking excitedly to get the dog riled up. Max thoroughly sniffed the paper to get the scent.

MISTY: Go on, boy! Get her scent! Sniff her out and introduce yourself to her.

Max wasted no time, as he gave an affirmative bark and was off to find the scent!

Meanwhile, Giselle was doing her homework under a shady tree.

GISELLE: Let's see, the square root of 58 is...hmmmm...what was it again...?

As Giselle was thinking up the answer, Max had finally found her! He decided to take the stealthy approach, and quietly sneaked up behind her, waiting to lick her pretty face...

GISELLE: Ha! I got it! It's-

But before she wrote the answer down, she was interrupted by Max, who barked right in her ear, startling her.

GISELLE: GAH! What was that?

As soon as Giselle turned her head to find out what the sound was, her eyes widened and her mouth opened in shock as she found Max panting in her face. He then proceeded to give her a huge, slobbery greeting up her face!

GISELLE: AHHH! EWWWWWW! You got slobber all over my gorgeous face! And my homework!

More slobber was sprayed through the air as Max licked his lips, loving the taste of Giselle's warm skin. He immediately slapped his tongue back onto Giselle's cheek and lifted it up in another wet slurp.

GISELLE: Yuck! Quit it! I need to keep myself clean for school!

MAX: Woof Woof!

But Max couldn't help himself, as her petite body was so delectable! Max then went for the rest of the skin her skimpy outfit could offer, slurping it up leaving a trail of slobber in his tongue's wake.

GISELLE: Hehehehehehehey! Stop ihihihihit! That tickles!

Hearing Giselle giggle caused Max for him to lick her more and more until it became full-blown laughter.

GISELLE: Tehahahahahahahahahahaha! Stohohohohop!

Seeing that Misty's plan succeeded, Max stopped licking her and sat in front of her, panting heavily. Giselle took in several deep breaths between laughs, the back of her hand brushing the hair out of her face as she opened one eye and glanced at Max, a smile tugging at her lips when she saw him grinning and panting at her.

GISELLE: Heheh! I can't stay mad at you! You're just so adorable!

Giselle then proceeded to wrap her arms around Max's furry body. This in turn caused him to pant up a storm and give her another flurry of licks to her face. Giselle laughed as she felt Max's tongue push the skin on her cheek upward repeatedly, having already become accustomed with the slobbery sensation it left her with.

GISELLE: Hahahahahahaha! Good boy!

Giselle couldn't support Max's weight any longer, and collapsed underneath him, continuing to slurp her cheeks upwards.

GISELLE: Tehahahahahahahahaha! OK, that's enough now, hahahahahahahahaha, cut it out!

Max was too caught up in getting more of Giselle's amazing taste to listen.

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