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Gwen Tennyson signed in to the kennel and headed straight to the room of Max, a bright smile on her face as she eagerly awaited playing with the big sheepdog. Stepping inside, she called out.

GWEN: Maaaaax! Here, boy!

Putting her fingers in her mouth, Gwen whistled at the dog when she saw him approaching. He charged straight at her, his tongue panting and pouring slobber all the way.

GWEN: Woah! Slow down, Max, slow DOW-!

Max barreled straight into Gwen, knocking her backward as his tongue splatted against her cheek and slowly lifted it up as she tried to weakly push him back with her hand. Gwen grimaced for a moment as she felt the wet slobber on her skin, then slowly began to grin and laugh.

GWEN: Hahahahahahahahaha! Oh, Max!

The sheepdog panted as Gwen playfully rubbed him on the head.

GWEN: Charmcaster is currently locked up in juvie, so there'll be no chasing her down today, boy! Just playtime between you and me! How's that sound?

Max responded by giving Gwen's cheek another great big lick.

GWEN: Hahahahehehehehe! Glad to see you like that idea!

Gwen leaned in closer toward Max, who promptly began licking the underside of her chin repeatedly.

GWEN: Mahahahahahahahax! Goohoohoohood boy! Let mehehehe hahahahahave it!

Max nodded and moved his tongue downward, licking Gwen across her shirt, slobbering all over her midriff and tickling her, his tongue seeping through the fabric and to the skin beneath.


Gwen's feet kicked in the air so hard that her shoes flew off. Max raised the fur above his eyes as he pants at the sight of her bare feet.

GWEN: No! Don't do it, Max!

Gwen shook her head, but it was futile as Max began to rapidly lick her soft soles endlessly as they wiggled around, trying to escape. His tongue moved up her legs, pushing the ends of her pants upward and sliding across her skin.


But Max found Gwen's legs too tasty to take it easy, and his licks became even rougher, making Gwen laugh harder as she slapped at the ground.


Gwen was laughing so hard, tears were welling up in her eyes. Max saw this and placed his paws on her shoulders keeping her all but pinned to the ground. And then, he began licking her cheeks left to right, lapping up the tears off of her cheeks.

GWEN: HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! Awe. I love you too, Max!

And so did Max, and proceeded to treat her face to several big, sloppy licks, courtesy of Max's towel sized tongue. Gwen was unable to contain her joy and thew her arms around Max's big furry neck.

GWEN: Aww, c'mere big guy!

Max of course didn't hesitate showing affection of his own, and proceeded to give a round of big, friendly licks to Gwen's face.

GWEN: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! I love you soooooo much!

And so did Max, and continued to give her another round of huge licks to her face. And then, an idea flew into Gwen's head.

GWEN: OK, OK, cut it out for a sec, boy.

So, Max sat down and started panting, waiting to here Gwen's idea. And then, Gwen told Max her big idea.

GWEN: Do you remember when you found me and Charmcaster doing duels and we caused some great magic and meyhem?

Max nodded, remembering it like it was yesterday.

GWEN: Well, you wanna recreate that moment?

Max gave an affirmative bark and Gwen was ready for her first trick.

GWEN: Dispando!

Gwen then waved her wand and threw the glowing orb onto Max's tongue, which caused it to grow to massive proportions.

GWEN: Yeahahahaha! Now we're talking.

Max loved it when he grew that big of a tongue and nearly knocked the wind out of them with his licks. So, he pressed his now truck sized tongue onto Gwen's entire body and pressed her against the wall.

GWEN: Hehehehehehehehe! Woah!

Max then repeated this process as she was pinned to the wall, his now enormous tongue dragging her body up against the wall again and again. The sounds of Gwen's laughing and squealing were drowned out by Max's huge tongue as it pasted over her entire body, the jiggly feeling felt more ticklish than ever, but Gwen didn't mind.

GWEN: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Such a good doggie you are! Yesyouare! Yesyouare!

Max backed off for a second because he was ready for Gwen's next magic trick, and he knew which one she was going to use. So, after Gwen consulted her magic book, she waved her wand and spoke the one incantation she knew that would make Max's body grow to match the proportion of his tongue. However, she cast the wrong spell, which caused Max to split into 2 Maxes. Thankfully, as Max was duplicated, his tongue shrunk back to it's normal size. Then, both Max's looked at each other with mischevious grins, winked at each other and turned towards Gwen.

GWEN: Hehehe...Uh-oh...

Both Maxes then tackled Gwen to the ground and slapped their large tongues on both of her cheeks in rapid succession. Gwen giggled uncontrollably and threw her arms around both of the sheepdogs ruffling their fur.

GWEN: Hahahahahahahahaha! What good boys you are!

The two sheepdogs replied by giving rougher licks to her face, both of their tongues lifting up her cheeks, causing her eyes to shut in the process. This made Gwen laugh even harder.

GWEN: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Alright! Settle down, you two!

One Max was more than enough, but two Maxes were way to much for Gwen to handle! With Gwen's eyes closed, she wondered when she would go unconscious, but then both Max's backed off for a second giving Gwen a chance to wipe her face clean and then she was ready for the grand finale.

GWEN: Hehehe! Thanks guys. And now for the piece de resistance! The grand finale! Are you ready, boys?

Both Max's nodded rapidly in excitement and then Gwen performed a magic trick on herself. This trick caused her to be stripped down to her undies. The Maxes started panting like crazy and drooling like a dual waterslide. They were so excited to taste every bit of Gwen that they immediately charged at her and tackled her to the ground again. Once they did, they started to lick her beautiful face again.

GWEN: Tehahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Love you boys!

Both Maxes licked each of her cheeks, lifting them up with each powerful, slobbery lick, forcing her eyes shut as they did. Gwen kept laughing out loud as she ruffled the big dogs fur affectionately. But then, one Max backed off leaving Gwen to endure the other Max with both arms around him ruffling his fur. The Max that backed off went and for Gwen's athletic Legs and feet. There, his tongue glided up Gwen's long legs in sweeping licks and then, when he got to her feet, he dragged his tongue up both of her soles and made sure to give each of her wiggling toes a big one too.


As soon as Max was finished with Gwen's lower body, he barked a signal to the Max licking Gwen's face. The signal was to switch targets. This time, they began licking her hands and arms, one dog per arm.

GWEN: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! That tickles, you guys!

They knew this, and they went for the target that they both knew was the most ticklish part of her and the one part of her they hadn't tasted yet, Gwen's bare midriff. The two dogs pressed their big pink tongues onto her naval area and they took turns licking it, tickling Gwen to the death.


After about a half an hour of this, the two big, friendly sheepdogs went back to her cheeks, each Max licking both of them with their large tongues.


Even though she knew two Maxes were more than she could handle, Gwen never felt happier than by spending time with Max, even if there were two of him. She continued to ruffle the sheepdogs fur as they alternated licking her cheeks and her face from chin to forehead repeatedly. This is because she had a brilliant idea. After another half-hour of this, she lay on the floor looking unconscious because she had secretly cast a spell on herself to make her look red. The Max's looked at each other and wondered if she was unconscious. They both turned to walk away until Gwen woke up...which she immediately did, shouting out triumphantly.

GWEN: Made you look! Hahahaha!

With that, she got up and took off running. The two Maxes were hot on her tail as she did.

GWEN: Hahaha! (teasingly) Try and catch me, boys!

That being said, the two Max's picked up their pace and and eventually knocked Gwen down. Of course, the first thing the two large sheepdogs did was pin her down and lick her pretty face.

GWEN: AHahahahahahahahaha! Good job, you guys!

Like before, the two sheepdogs were licking each cheek, causing them both to be lifted up simultaneously by their huge tongues. The force of the licks actually started to lift Gwen back up onto her feet, each lick pushing her up more and more.

GWEN: Tehahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Thank you!

But the moment Gwen got back up, the two sheepdogs planted their paws onto Gwen's chest and began licking away at her face once more.

GWEN: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! You rahahahascals!

Gwen could not support the weight of the sheepdogs standing up. She fell to the ground and then one Max continued his slobbery assault on her face while the other gave her shoulders and neck several love filled licks. Unable to take it much longer, Gwen cast a spell and merged the two canines back into just one Max. The now merged Max then began slurping up her whole face.

GWEN: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Good boys! I mean boy!

She then gave Max a big old hug, as he continued licking Gwen's face.

GWEN: Awwwwwe, I love you Sooooo much!

Due to Max's weight, Gwen couldn't hold Max up for much longer, and soon collapsed beneath Max, laughing as Max continued to lick away at her face.

GWEN: Hehehehehehehe! Such an amazing dog!

And Max thought Gwen was an amazing girl. So, he kept his kisses comming. This went on for half an hour until at last, Max decided to get some sleep. Gwen, feeling content as can be, got re-dressed and then fell asleep next to him with a huge smile on her face.

But then, suddenly, after about another half an hour, they received a wake up call...literally! Gwen's cell phone rang inside her shorts. This caused Max and Gwen to wake up with a start. Then, Gwen answered her phone.

GWEN: (answering her phone) Hello. What?! You're kidding! All right. We'll be there.

She hung up her phone and turned to Max, eyes sparkling and grinning widely.

GWEN: Oh Maaaax! Charmcaster has broken out of juvie. Let's go get her, boy!


So, the dynamic duo set off once again to track her down!

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