It was another cool, Arabian night at the royal palace for Jasmine, tending to her beauty before she went to bed. At the moment, she was brushing her smooth, black hair. However, her combing was interrupted when she heard some sort of growling noise outside her bedroom door, which she thought was her pet tiger Rajah.

JASMINE: Rajah...? Is that you...?

Just then a large, white figure appeared through the door: Max! He had smelled something amazing, and the scent had led him to this room. Max then noticed Jasmine; and once he did, he began to pant up a storm.

JASMINE: Well...Hi there, big boy...What are you doing here?

The teenage Arabian princess bent down to Max's level and quirked an eyebrow as she smirked.

JASMINE: Did you smell something - or someone - appealing?

Max nodded his head vigorously, and accepted Jasmine's obvious invitation by licking her cheek. His tongue pressed against her skin as it swept upward, the princess laughing as it left a stream of wet slobber behind.

JASMINE: Hahahahahahhahahahaha! Well, I'll take that as a yes!

Jasmine placed a hand on the side of Max's furry face and began scratching him fondly.

JASMINE: You're a good dog, aren't you? You're such a good, friendly, shaggy, slobbery dog!

Max's panting grew faster and louder, and more slobber began to form on his tongue, which he soon swung back onto Jasmine's face, slowly moving upward from her chin to her forehead. 

JASMINE: Hahahahaha! I knew you were! 

She then placed her hand underneath Max's hairy chin and began to scratch it vigorously as a way to rile him up. This worked, as Max's big tongue fell out of his mouth and began to pant heavily. 

JASMINE: Hehe...You like that, don't you...? 

Of course, he did! it felt amazing to him and to answer, he gave her entire face a sweeping lick. 

JASMINE: Hahahaha! I'll take that as a yes, as well. 

Max then noticed that her midriff was exposed, so he started licking it repeatedly making Jasmine's giggling turn into full blown laughter! 

JASMINE: HAHAHAHAHA!! Ohh!!! HEHEHEHE!!! Cut it out! That really tickles!! 

Max refused to stop, and began to wipe his massive tongue all over her arms, which felt just as ticklish. Therefore it elicted more laughter from Jasmine.

JASMINE: Tehahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Jasmine couldn't handle Max's weight, and soon fell to the floor laughing, Max still on top of her, and still licking away at her face.

JASMINE: Hehehehehehehehehehehehe! Stohohohohohop! Cuhuhuhuhuhut it ouhuhuhuhuhut!

Max then returned to licking her neck and shoulders, his massive tongue lathering itself all over them.

JASMINE: Ohohohohohohoho!!!! Rahahahahahahaja!! hehehehehehelp!!!

But there was no answer, as Rajah was sleeping somewhere else in the palace. She was just left there to be a victim to Max's mattress of a tongue.

JASMINE: Oh Nohohohohohohoho!!! Alright! You win! Lehehehehet me have it!

Max was more than willing to do so. His barrage of kisses started at her midriff area. From there, he proceeded to lick her arms and neck again. Jasmine laughed her head off the whole time and then threw her arms around Max ruffling his fur with her drool covered arms.

JASMINE: Goohoohoohoohoohoohood bohohohohohohohoy!

Max was in absolute heaven. he had never been petted like this since the last time he met Ariel. so, he proceeded to slobber all over Jasmine's gorgeous face, like he would do with Ariel, while she was still ruffling his fur.

JASMINE: Hahahahahahaha! Such a good doggie you are! Yesyouare! Yesyouare, yesyouare! Tehahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Finally, Max backed off for a second. Jasmine chuckled while she wiped her face off and then an idea flew into her head. She sent a playful smirk towards the big sheepdog.

JASMINE: Hey, big guy...How much of your drool you think you can drench me in?

The fur above Max's eye lifted as he looked straight at Jasmine, his tongue panting even harder than before.

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