Max was wandering around one day when a peculiar scent entered his nose, his nostrils flaring as he sniffed it up. Sniff sniff sniff! It was the scent of a human girl, drenched in sweat which just made her smell even better to the sheepdog! Barking excitedly, Max dashed off toward the source, which happened to be the teenage Kalos Gym Leader Korrina, who was hard at work practicing her rollerskating.

KORRINA: Whew! I need a break...

Exhausted, Korrina then sat down on the nearest bench, about to fall asleep. which gave Max opportunity to strike! Just before Korrina shut her eyes, she then heard barking.

KORRINA: Huh...? What is...?

As Korrina woke up a bit more, she then noticed a massive sheepdog lumbering right towards her, but her vision wasn't quite clear yet and she mistook him for a wild Pokemon.

KORRINA: Wah! Go away!

Korrina then fumbled around the bench, trying to get up from it. And just as Max reached her, she then tried to shield her face.

KORRINA: No! Stay back!

But instead of hurting Korrina, Max then began licking her cheek happily.

KORRINA: Ah! Ahahahahahahahahahahaha!

After a bit, Max then proceeded to sit down and pant in front of her. Korrina held out her hand and began petting Max's shaggy head.

KORRINA: Whew! I thought you were a wild Pokemon that was gonna attack me, boy! But you're just a regular ol' sheepdog, huh? Heheheh!

Max then proceeded to swing his tongue and drag it all the way up her pretty Gym Leader face as a response.

KORRINA: Tehahahahahahahaha! Good boy!

After repeating this same process a few more times, Max stood back a little and began panting.

KORRINA: So, you like Gym Leader girls, huh?

He sure did! Especially this one! To prove this to her, he pressed his paws on her chest and began slurping away at her face.

KORRINA: Hahahahahahahahahaha! And I like you too!

Max then turned his attention to Korrina's long athletic legs, panting as he leaned toward them. Before Korrina knew it, the dog's tongue was sliding across both legs, drenching them in drool as well as tickling her.

KORRINA: Waaaahahahahahahahahahahahaaa! Hey! C-cut it out!

Max then decided to move down to her bare soles, as her roller skates had fallen off from them, and went straight to work, slurping them up with utmost force and slobber.


Max began to lick her legs, as well, his huge tongue wiping itself all over her soles and legs like a paint brush.


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