Kris 6
Kris, a young tomboyish Pokemon trainer from Johto, put her Poke Ball in her hand and lifted her long, skinny arm high, aiming at the big furry thing a few feet away.

KRIS: Poke Ball, GO!

Kris threw the Poke Ball at the creature...and it bounced off of it with no effect. Kris was confused. The "Pokemon" turned around in confusion. It was Max, a sheepdog, which elicited a surprised gasp from Kris, as she's never seen a Pokemon quite like it.

KRIS: Huh?

MAX: Arf?

Max lifted fur above his eye and stared at Kris, who walked over to him with curiosity and a sheepish look on her face as she twiddled her fingers together in embarrassment.

KRIS: Heh...I, uh, mistook you for a Pokemon. So sorry about that!

The girl gave a polite bow to the dog, who responded by sniffing her over. This got Kris into some light giggling because it tickled and she found it funny. All of a sudden, Max stopped sniffing her and his tongue flopped out of his mouth and he began panting, his mouth twisted into a grin, ready to give some affection. Before Kris knew it, he had jumped up at her, swung his tongue straight at her, giving her cheek a big soaking wet lick!

KRIS: W-Woah! Slow down there!

Kris touched her cheek in surprise before bursting into laughter.

KRIS: Hahaha! I'm glad you don't hold grudges! I would've sworn if you were an Ursaring or something...

The two smiled at each other before the giant dog gave Kris another sloppy kiss.

KRIS: Heehee! That feels so nice on the skin! I love it! Keep doing that!

Max responds by licking her again, his big tongue lifting up her cheek and spraying slobber all over it.

KRIS: Hahahahaha! Good boy! This feels so nice!

Panting and looking at Kris' famous legs, Max gave each one a slow upward lick, bringing Kris into further hysterics.

KRIS: Eep! Thahahahahahat tickles!

Max repeated the motion, making the legs quiver and Kris' knees buckle until she fell flat on the ground, laughing hysterically, causing her to be susceptible to more licking.


But Max was gonna do something far from being gentle; instead he bit off Kris' shoes and gave her bare feet many huge slurps. Kris could do nothing as she laughed loudly and helplessly as her soles, arches, heels, toes, and everywhere else were mercilessly slobbered all over.


She eventually started slapping the ground from all this tickling. Seeing this, Max began licking at her hands, which were flailing all about. This got her laughing up another storm.


Max then goes back up to her face and licks her from chin to forehead.

KRIS: Heeheeheeheehahahahahahaha! I love you too, fella! And your drool!

Kris petted the sheepdog, who smiled and panted warm breath in her face. This gave Kris the giggles as she slowly rose to her feet.

KRIS: Thanks for the time, boy! I'll see you again, promise!

MAX: Woof!

And with a cheery wave goodbye, Kris was off on her journey once more, hoping that one day they'd meet up again and have a similar encounter.

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