MANA: Maaaa-aaaaaaax!

Mana, the cute teenage Egyptian sorceress, stood at the doorway to Max's kennel room. She began jumping up and down energetically, stomping her feet on the ground as she put her fingers in her mouth and whistled as loudly as she could to get the sheepdog's attention.

MANA: Max! Here, boy! Here!

It didn't take long to get Max's attention, as he quickly bounded towards the pretty sorceress a moment later. This caused Mana to squeal with joy!

MANA: Hey there, Max! Good to se-

Max promptly tackled Mana and went straight to work, sticking his tongue out and slurping up her pretty face.

MANA: Tehahahahahahahahahahaha! Aw, good boy! I love ya too!

Mana shut her eyes and grinned as she felt the sensation of slobber drenching her smooth, tan skin.

MANA: Mmmmm! That feels great! Mind if you can give me more of your kisses?

Max was more than happy to do so, and proceeded to lather his massive tongue all over her cheeks.

MANA: Hehehehehehe! Should've prepared for being tickled!

Mana twisted, writhed and giggled hysterically as Max's tongue swept across her bare shoulders and chest repeatedly, and her laughter only increased as he moved on to slurping her arms and hands, which she failingly used to try and push him away.  

MANA: Ahahaahahahahahaa! Mahahahahahax!

After giving Mana one more lick, this one from her neck and slurping off the underside of her chin, Max backed off and allowed Mana to recover, which she did pretty quickly.  Standing up, Mana grinned and flashed a wink at the sheepdog.

MANA: Hey, Max! Wanna see a really neat magic trick? I've been waiting to show it off!

Max nodded his head enthusiastically, his tongue lolling up and down.  Mana giggled then waved her magic scepter, causing her whole body to become enveloped in a mystic light.  When the light faded, there were two Manas standing there - the regular Mana with her tan skin, brown hair and white clothing, and her alternate form of the Dark Magician Girl with pale skin and yellow hair with blue and pink clothing.

MANA: How do you like it?

DMG: Now you've got two of us for the price of one!

Both of the Manas strutted a pose and winked playfully. Max began to pant heavily at how adorable the two Manas were, and tackled them both to the ground and slobbered all over them.

MANAS: Tehahahahahahahahahahahaha! We love you too, Max!

Max's tongue was moving between both of their faces, each getting a sloppy kiss on their cheeks one at a time. The two Manas hugged each other and giggled as this went on.  After a while, Dark Magician Girl had an idea!

DMG: Duplicitus Maximus!

Waving her glowing hand in the air, DMG cast a spell upon Max that duplicated him as well.  Now there was two dogs and two girls, and both dogs were grinning and panting at the girls in excitement.

MANAS: Now that there's two of you, come and get us!

Both Maxs were eager to do so, and immediately pounced on the Manas and started licking them like no tomorrow.

MANAS: Tehahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Oh, you guys!

So much slobber was flung around as the Maxs licked the two sorceresses, that a giant puddle of dog drool was forming around them. Both girls twisted and turned as they laughed their pretty heads off while the dogs' tongues slapped against their cheeks, chests, arms, hands and legs.


However, it seemed like it wasn't enough for the two sheepdogs, and continued licking them like no tomorrow.

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