Singing a song to herself as she lightly skipped across the kennel floor, Mari Illustrious Makinami entered Max's room without any trepidation. Stepping inside, the gorgeous glasses-wearing girl smirked as she pulled a meat bone out of her pocket, waving it around while casually whistling. Just as she thought, she found an enormous dog charging at her.

MARI: So, you must be Max! Heya!

Before she could even introduce herself, Max jumped up at Mari and slapped his tongue against her cheek, lifting it up and flying off it in a spray of slobber. This girl smelled so good that he immediately loved her! She immediately broke out into laughter.

MARI: I'm glad to meet you too! Here, I got something for ya...

Smiling widely, Mari holds out the meat bone. Max's tongue flopped out in anticipation.

MARI: Go long, boy!

Mari threw the bone in the air, and Max dashed after it. He jumped up and caught it in his mouth before it landed, chomping it happily before swallowing it and licking his canine lips afterward.

MARI: Did you enjoy it?

The answer came through a loud bark and Max jumping at Mari, his heavy paws pressing against her and knocking her on her back. The sheepdog proceeded to lick her all over her face, leaving slobber everywhere.

MARI: (Teasingly) Yech! Hahaha!

Mari lightly pushed Max back and wiped off her glasses, which were dripping wet with drool, allowing the dog to slurp away at her bare shoulders in the meantime.

MARI: Eeek! Heeheeheeheehee! Energetic, just like me! What a great dog!

MAX: Woof! Woof woof!

MARI: And we share a taste in girls know Asuka Langley Soryu, right?

Max panted happily at the mention of the sexy German-American girl and nodded.

MARI: She's a really close friend of mine! I love her, temper and all! My nickname for her is "Princess", heheh!

Mari put her fingers in her mouth and gave a wolf-whistle at the thought of Asuka. She noticed Max's panting pick up speed and slobber at this. Her mouth then twisted into a playful grin, and she leaned closer to Max's face.

MARI: Ya wanna go find her, boy? Ya wanna sniff out the Princess?

Max then started sniffing the air with great excitement. Mari laughed and starting jokingly sniffing as well.

MARI: That's it! Go on, boy, just like that! Get her scent!

Max eventually did find her scent, and took off rapidly in search of her, Mari close behind. Asuka was currently taking a walk, wearing a very revealing shirt and short shorts, when she heard the distant barking.

ASUKA: Eh? That sounds a lot like...

She got her answer from a tackling to the ground and constant slobbering all over the face.


Asuka looked shocked as Max's thick tongue continued to press down on her face as it lifted itself from her chin to her hairline. Mari walked over, laughing and slapping at her knee.

MARI: Hahahahaha! Hiya, Princess!

ASUKA: Mari! Why, you four-eyed sneak!

Asuka tried to sound angry, but the smile on her face said otherwise. Max then gave her a great lick on the underside of her chin, tilting her head backward as his tongue slurped off in a slobbery spray.

ASUKA: Blech! (wiping the slobber off) OK, Max, OK! Hahahaha! I'm glad to see you again too!

Max panted in Asuka's face while Mari kneeled down and petted him on the head.

MARI: You weren't hard for him to find at all, Princess! He smelled you out at record speed!

ASUKA: Oh, did he now?

MARI: Uh-huh! It's your fault for smelling so gooooood!

Mari leaned toward Asuka and began sniffing her, enjoying her scent as much as Max did.

ASUKA: (Pushing away Mari, teasingly) Cut that out, you weirdo!

MAX: Woof!

Max swung his tongue at both girls, giving them each a huge slobbery lick in the face.

ASUKA: Hahahahahaha! Good boy, Max!

MARI: This dog's a lot of fun! I see why you like him so much!

This statement was followed by Max giving another loud bark before licking both girls' bare midriffs.

GIRLS: Eeep! Heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehee! That tickles!

The dog then swept his tongue down their long bare legs, from knee to thigh.

GIRLS: Wheeheeheeheeheeheehahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Max then went back up to their faces and began rotating licks to both girls' cheeks. SLURP! SLURP! SLURP! SLURP! He did this for several minutes straight, tail wagging all the way.

GIRLS: Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Good boy, Max!

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