Marley staring
Marley was being chased by bad people who were trying to take her Shaymin away from her. As she was running away from the bad people, she came across a boat sitting near a river. She figured that it would be the best method of escaping the crooks, so she got into it and traveled down the river.

MARLEY: *breathing heavily* Glad I lost those bad people...and Shaymin's safe, now...

Exhausted after running away from the bad people, Marley slowly closed her eyes and fell to sleep. Eventually, the river came to an end and stopped Marley's boat. Meanwhile, Max the big, friendly sheepdog was wandering around the forest, admiring the scenery. Suddenly, a distinct scent caught Max's nose that wasn't from the scenery. Loving this scent, Max headed over to the source, in hopes that it would be a beautiful girl for him to give some love to.

Finally, Max had made it to the source: a beautiful, sleeping girl wearing black and white clothes inside of a boat, who for some reason, was holding a picnic basket. Nevertheless, Max approached the girl and decided to treat her with some affection.

First, he sniffed her over some more, enjoying her scent. In return, the girl had begun to groan, being a little bothered by it. Next, Max delivered some nice, gentle licks to her cheek. This time, she began to giggle lightly.

MARLEY: Hehehehehe...T-that tickles...Cut that out, Shaymin...

As Max continued to lick her cheek, the girl's giggling began to grow slightly louder. Eventually, the girl woke up.

MARLEY: W-what is...?

As she slowly opened her eyes, she was greeted by a large, pink tongue mere inches in front of her face. Marley let out a light gasp at this. Max then swung his tongue and planted it right on her cheek, and dragged it all the way up her whole face.

MARLEY: Woah! Who are you...?

Max introduced himself in the form of a loud bark, and proceeded to give her cheek a sloppy lick.

MARLEY: (wiping slobber off her cheek) Well, my name's Marley...It's nice to meet you too, I guess...

Marley smiled slightly and extended her hand toward Max as a friendly gesture and smiled at him.

MARLEY: You wanna be friends...*reads collar buried underneath Max's fur*...Max?

Of course he would! Especially with a girl like her! So, he responded by letting out a big bark and an equally big lick to her hand, covering it in slobber.

MARLEY: Hmhm...I'll take that as a yes.

Marley held Max's furry face by both sides and began rubbing it fondly.

MARLEY: Good dog.

Max responded to this act of affection by rubbing his tongue on her face, dragging his tongue up to her hairline.

MARLEY: Hehehehe! My, you're really friendly, aren't you?

Max further proved this by giving some more sloppy licks to her face.

MARLEY: Hehehehehehehe! Thank you!

Max couldn't handle this girl's cuteness, nor her taste! So, he tackled her back onto the boat and gave her face a round of big, friendly licks.

MARLEY: Hehahahahahahahahahahaha! Woah, settle down there, Max!

Max couldn't contain himself, however, and proceeded to lick her arms.

MARLEY: Hehehehehehe! That tickles a lot! Cuhuhuhuhut that out!

Marley should've known Max was relentless with his affection, as Max went back to licking her face, his large tongue dragging itself up it.

MARLEY: Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I love you too, just be more gentle!

Obeying Marley's orders, Max decided to be more, gentle, giving softer, slower lick to her face. However, this more gentle licking tickled even more!

MARLEY: Tehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!

Max was really going at Marley's face. So much so that Marley's boat was beginning to shake from Max's licking. Eventually, the boat tipped over, dumping the two into the river.

MARLEY: Woah...

Just then, Max let out a bark and swam towards Marley, water splashing everywhere as he did.

MARLEY: H-Hey! Slow down there, boy!

Max then proceeded to pin her down to the side of the river and began to give her face another round of friendly licks.

MARLEY: Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Oh, Max!

She pulls herself out of the river, but Max jumps up, and pushes her onto her back. Max proceeded to lick Marley's face as he did so.

MARLEY: Hehehe! Well you're welcome!

Max then stepped off, and proceeded to tug at her footwear.

MARLEY: Woah there! Don't do that!

Eventually, Max pulled off both of her shoes, revealing soft, pale soles underneath. Max began to pant up a storm at the sight of them.

MARLEY: What's wrong, Max?

Max then dove and began to slurp up her bare soles, slobber being flung off of them as he did.


As her toes wiggled and curled, Max's tongue slurped on them and in-between them.


Max ignored her command and only kept licking her feet, forming a puddle of dog slobber around them as he kept licking them. Marley just collapsed into a laughing fit, clutching her ribs as her feet were drooled on. This gave way to Max pinning her down and continuing his slobbery assault.

MARLEY: Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Such a good dog you are, Max! Yesyouare!

She grabs his face and ruffles his fur affectionately.

MARLEY: You're such a good friend to have, especially during these stressful times! Yesyouare!

She gently rubs noses with him. And when they're still nose to nose, Max gives her a big, friendly lick on her whole face.

MARLEY: Hehehehehe! Good doggie! Very, VERY good doggie!

Max then proceeded to tackle her to the ground in sheer excitement and repeated the process, his tongue acting like a mop and wettening the girl's pale skin.

MARLEY: Hahahahahahahahaha! You give the best kisses, you know that?

Max then slurped her entire face from chin to forehead as a thanks.

MARLEY: Hehahahaha! It was really nice to get to know you!

After Max gave her a goodbye lick, Marley then dusted herself off, grabbed the basket Shaymin was in and went on her way.

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