Misty Bikini
Misty stepped onto the sand of Max's beach-like kennel room, clothed in nothing but a skimpy two-piece red bikini. Stamping a bare foot on the ground, the Cerulean City tomboy whistled.

MISTY: Oh, Maaaaa-aaaaax! Here, boy! C'mere!

Immediately, Max woke up from the nap he was having and trotted right toward Misty, panting in excitement.

MISTY: Hello there, boy! How do you like my new bikini?

Max thought it was wonderful! And to prove this, Max let out a mighty bark and gave her exposed midriff a nice big lick, going all the way up to her face!

MISTY: Hehahahahahahahahahaha! I'm glad you like it! You're free to lick it if you want!

And Max was gonna do just that! So, he then proceeded to place his paws right on her chest and began licking the rest of her exposed skin, getting her into a fit of giggles.

MISTY: Hahahahahahaha! With all this exposed skin, I should've known you'd slobber all over it!

And Max continued to do just that, covering it with layers upon layers of his wet love.

MISTY: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! OK, OK, easy there, Max!

Max's tongue then went for her new bikini, soaking that along with the rest of her bare skin.

MISTY: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! This feels so nice!

The sheepdog then turned his attention to her long, athletic legs and scrumptious-looking bare feet. As he panted while gazing at them, his tongue was dripping with slobber.

MISTY: What's up, boy? Is it my feet?

Max began nodding vigorously, with his tongue flinging slobber all over.

MISTY: Hehehehehe! Alright, you can give them some licks!

Misty then raised a foot towards Max. And moments later, Max gave said foot a great big lick, dragging his tongue up it slowly.

MISTY: Hahahahahahaha! Good boy!

Max decided to help himself some more, and continued to lick that foot with great speed.


Misty, however, was losing balance because of how much Max's tongue tickled on her soles, and eventually fell over. Max was panting like mad seeing Misty so vulnerable.

MISTY: Hehe...Oh boy, here it comes...!

With both of Misty's feet raised in the air this time, Max began slurping up both of them, switching between them.


Max was indeed enjoying himself and he proceeded to give full fledged licks up Misty's athletic legs again.


After some more of this, Max pounced on Misty's chest and began to lick her face the same way he licked her legs and feet.

MISTY: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Love you too, boy!

Max did too, and he was more than willing to give her more of his love. He then proceeded to lick his favorite part of any girl he met wearing a skimpy two piece outfit: Her bare naval area. This of course caused Misty to erupt in laughter.

MISTY: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! You rahahahascal!

Max hadn't been called a rascal in a long time, so he licked her midriff some more in gratitude.

MISTY: Tehahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Guess you took that as a complement, didn't you?

Max nodded in response. he loved a good compliment. And then, a very clever idea flew into Misty's head.

MISTY: Hehehe. I thought so. Hey, Max, have you ever chased a girl in a bikini on the beach?

Max had indeed, and he nodded his head excitedly in response.

MISTY: Hehehehe! Alright, come and get me!

So, Misty took off running and Max chased after her with his tongue hanging out like a flag.

MISTY: Hahaha, you can't catch me, Maxy!

Max loved a good challenge. He was already having a blast chasing Misty all over his beach-like room and was also already hot on her trail. Eventually, Misty was getting tired, and began slowing down. So, Max took the opportunity to pounce on Misty, tackle her to the ground, and start slobbering all over her. Misty's sweat amplified her already tasty skin.

MISTY: Tehahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Good job, boy!

Max then gave Misty's bare midriff some more gratutious licks as he had already replaced the sweat on Misty's face with saliva. Misty giggled uncontrollably as Max covered her entire naval in glistening slobber.

MISTY: Ahahahahaha!! Ohohoho Hehehehehehe!!! Max, that tickles!! Take it easy!

It wasn't in Max's playful and energetic nature to take it easy with a bikini clad babe. so, Max just gave more playful and energetic licks to Misty's naval area and from there, proceeded to lick her chest and shoulders. Misty, at this point, tried to push him off of her, not having any luck. Instead, Misty just threw her arms around Max and hugged him tight.

MISTY: Oh, what the heck?! Come here you!

Max was overjoyed by this show of affection, which caused him to pant uncontrollably, and proceeded to give his own affection: a big, wet flurry of licks to Misty's face.

MISTY: Tehahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I love you too, boy!

And Max loved her too, and continued showing this by slurping up Misty's whole face, his mighty tongue lifting up her cheeks. And, Misty continued showing her affection by ruffling his fur like crazy. This, of course made him more excited and thus, prompted him to increase the speed of his licking.

MISTY: Awehahahahahahaha!!!! You're the best, Max!

As a thank you for the complement, Max's licking accelerated even further, almost to the point where Max's tongue was just this big pink blur as it slapped against Misty's cheek.

MISTY: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Thahahank you, thank you!

Max gave her face another round of saliva filled licks as a way of saying you're welcome and then, at last, he backed off and just sat on her lap panting. Misty then wrapped her arms around Max in a huge hug and kissed him on his furry forehead.

MISTY: I love you so much, Max.

Max loved her so much too and to prove it, he wrapped his paws around Misty and treated her gorgeous face to several more of his signature licks.